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Inner peace –

true joy, your purpose

the answers to life’s

big6 questions –

it’s all right here, waiting for you

with your angels

Angel communication

is where it all starts

you’ll learn how to use
your untapped and
divinely powerful

intuitive sense

our philosophy is simple:
Know the truth within you.

Some of our our people . . .

Rachel Monique Maskell

Rachel Monique Maskell

I am so grateful to have AngelsTeach in my life. This has been my spiritual family and home. I feel as though I've grown up here - from the start of taking the beginners class all the way through coaching, seminary and now teaching. Having AngelsTeach in my life has allowed me to blossom into the woman I am proud to be today.

Peter Alexander Roe

Peter Alexander Roe

Community! From the very first day, AngelsTeach has represented the bringing together of like minded people who can share and grow on the spiritual journey through this physical world. An unconditional, loving spiritual home is what this is.

Jamie McComas

AngelsTeach has been my anchor since the day I found her. This community is so full of compassion and genuine love. I would not be where I am today (& trust me I've come a long way), without the training and support I've received here. It opened the door to my best life.

the only thing I will ever ask you to do . . .

follow your guidance

i would love to help you do just that

Elvia Roe Founder

We’re A community,
unlike any other,
dedicated to

conscious connection

with our angels,
for the healing of self,
others and the world.

We are…
an angel family,

With no purpose other than to
support each other with
non-judgement and unconditional Love.

for the sole purpose of knowing
the Soul Self.


We all yearn for a healed world

A world where love prevails. We dream of the respect and unification of all people, and a changed reality for our children and grandchildren.

A universe where all people experience happiness, fulfillment and abundance. The kind of world that God Source envisioned and created for us.

Perhaps you’re in a time of transition
or you’ve lost your direction or
sense of self.

Whatever the reason you’ve found us, your current reality has you searching for something more.

It’s important for you to know that peace starts within YOU. It starts with knowing what you came here to do, and knowing that you have to access your inner compass, your inner intuition, the part of you that is directly connected to God.

We call this inner guidance y3our angels.

When you learn to access communication with this power and trust it, you hold the key that opens the door for you to be the fullest expression of you, to experience life’s magic, and to do what you came here to do.

And as each person reaches for their soul’s potential with the angels by their side, the world heals.

Ready to learn?

Your angels are ready to teach you, but…

You’ve caught us between scenes, so stay tuned. More to come very soon!

I can’t wait to show you exactly how to communicate

with your Angels, even if you think you can’t.