Frequently Asked Questions

What if the day/time of the live classes doesn’t work for me?

A: All of our Language of the Angels courses are self-paced, with access to the full training available in the Student Center. The only exception to this is when we’re launching a new program and it’s released as we proceed through the training.

For our advanced and certification training offerings class, no worries! Live attendance is always a richer experience, but we understand that time zone differences and scheduling needs are ever present, so these classes are available on your schedule via recording. All we ask is that you keep up with the recordings each week so that you can stay on pace with the group and have a rich experience by submitting your questions/comments ahead of time for the teachers.

For the Small Group Intensive coaching, due to the advanced nature of the work we’ll be doing, we do require live attendance. Because these sessions are elite and very small, we are usually able to set the schedule at times to accommodate varied needs.

A: Oh yes, we are big fans of homework! The reason is that you can’t integrate the angels into your life without some practice outside of the class setting. Whether it’s for one of our Language of the Angels offerings or certification training, you can’t create shifts in life without consciously making changes. One way that can happen is through things you can do to apply what you’re learning.

We keep the assignments “real” – like pick an angel card every day and journal about it, or notice 3-5 clairvoyant signs daily, so most of our students really enjoy what we assign.

In the interest of full disclosure, our upper level of training, the Angel Communication Mastersclass entails more work as you meet with partners outside of class to practice what you’re learning. We understand that life can get busy, so we aim for about 2 hours of homework/week with a week off each month to catch up. Again, big changes with the angels only happen through commitment and change in the way you approach and engage day to day life.

A: We do our best to keep the prices of our offerings accessible to anyone feeling the guidance to partake. Our Language of the Angels series is priced with this in mind.

For our higher level training and coaching packages, yes, we are here to help and offer payment plans.

A: We know life is not always predictable. We do our best to accommodate all our students and balance everyone’s needs. If deferring is truly unavoidable, we will make it a priority for you to be on the roster the next go around.