Dowsing with the Angels™
Learn the art of Pendulum,

Body and Rod Dowsing

Connect with the angel energies flowing in, through & around you
using the favorite tools of master metaphysicians.

Part of the Language of the Angels™ series

SEE... your guidance!

My own spiritual awakening was ignited by dowsing.

All those years ago, I went to see a metaphysical healer (who quickly became my first spiritual teacher) for help with our son. She used dowsing rods and a pendulum to communicate with the angels and know what to do for him.
Not only did I then know the angels were real, because I could see the answers to the questions, but their guidance was spot on.

My whole world blew open.

Course Overview


This training is comprised of a 47 minute training video that covers the basic how-to’s of dowsing, in general. We then cover the specifics of dowsing with a pendulum, your body and dowsing rods.

You will also be given access to our Student Center, where handouts, any scheduled events and other supportive information and materials are posted.

And…as we begin this journey, I’ll be offering LIVE opportunities for you to ask questions and hang out with others following along and learning beside you (virtually).

Topics covered include

We start the discussion about each tool with instructions on how to get a clear yes. A clear yes from your pendulum, a clear yes from your body and a clear yes with your dowsing rods. ***

(*** Please note: you do NOT need to use all 3 tools to benefit from this training. I do suggest either the pendulum or the dowsing rods…or both if you are inspired! Just know that all 3 are not required.)

Knowing the energy of YES is the top priority for communicating with the angels. When you ask a question, you have got to know the difference between a clear YES and anything else: no, maybe or somewhere in between. (I honestly believe most of the trouble we can get ourselves into as humans is when we act from a maybe or “somewhere in between” mindset.)

We also dig into what a clear no looks like using these tools. Once you know your yes/no, you can ask the angels all kinds of yes/no questions and see (and feel) their answers.

We also delve into assessing energy in the chakras, the centers of power within your energetic being, learning how the body is responding to people, places and situations in your life and then we cover with other uses of dowsing rods – like where do you next go? where should you put? where is ______?

All of this is prefaced by general ground rules, basic guidelines and best practices.



Where to purchase
Pendulums: I have found great ones at local metaphysical stores as well as on Amazon. Etsy also has a number of good options/vendors.

Dowsing rods: In the US, I highly recommend who offers free shipping. Outside the US, I recommend either Amazon, Etsy or your local metaphysical shop.

My guarantee
I believe so strongly in the power and possibility of dowsing, that if you’re on the fence, take the training and if it doesn’t do it for you…I’ll refund your training fee. ‘Nuff said 🙂

Register below for $22.22** and we will get you signed up and on your way asap!

Hardship Tuition – for our earth angels who need this training, but are in a hardship situation, tuition is discounted to $4.44. This course does require work from our end, so please be honest with your need. Click HERE to pay hardship tuition rate.

No earth angel left behind. We are here to serve YOU!

**does not include tools