Painting and Claiming Your Earth Angel Self

A virtual painting experience… unleash your inner essence!

Let art transform you!

We carry within us unique sacred sparks, ways in which we bring healing, hope, and beauty to this planet in ways only we can do. We are here to be the voice, the instrument, the presence that helps create Heaven on Earth.

This 6-week painting journey is an invitation to claim and bring alive your Earth Angel Self, to bring her/him alive on canvas and in your life.

Through intentional creativity ® processes including ritual, guided visioning, intentional mark-making, intuition, and opening to listen to and create from our inner wisdom, we will create not only a nice painting but a portal to awaken our Earth Angel in our consciousness and in our life. Even if you have never painted before, you will be wonderfully surprised at what emerges on canvas. Havi will guide you through the process and be available for any questions that might arise and help bring your vision alive on the canvas.

Course Overview


17 videos plus some templates, handouts and recordings to help you along the way.

It all starts with intention and making the process sacred. The first video helps you set the stage, by blessing the canvas and creating intention. From there, Havi will take you on a creative journey that allows your inner earth angel to emerge and be seen in a whole new way.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a welcome email with info about painting materials. You’ll also receive access to our Student Center, where you’ll find everything to do with this course…all of the videos, handouts, other recordings and any relevant announcements.

We’ve set this up as a 6 week program, but you’ll have access to everything right away. Which means…all of this course can be on your schedule, at your convenience.

If you’re feeling a YES emerging from your angels…

  • Check out all the details below
  • Sign yourself up, so you can get ready with the basic supplies needed (list is provided in your welcome email)
  • Ask your angels to make your intentions clear
  • Breathe light and love into the spirit of your inner earth angel
  • Watch the videos, get painting and have fun!

Message about this project from our artistic guide, Havi


About Havi
Havi Mandell, PhD, is a painter of prayer and possibility, and a healing muse for the soul. Through the holistic integration of transpersonal therapy, reiki, polarity therapy, shamanic and kabbalistic teachings and practices, intentional creativity and expressive intuitive painting, she invites the deepest wisdom of your heart and the rich treasures of your soul to shine, to create, and to dance into the magical fullness of who you truly are and to express your wildness and truth in ways that light up your being and free you to live your life out loud, finding that harmony of peace and passion, joy and healing. Her art is a living healing and alchemical portal, painted in dialogue with a panentheistic connection to the Divine, coming from her desire to live each moment in Radical Amazement. She has served as a healing facilitator and creativity catalyst for over 35 years and been an artist and poet most of her life. She has presented nationwide on mind-body healing and creative process, had her art exhibited in several juried shows, and, with Shiloh Sophia McCloud, has taught thousands of women kabbalah, intentional creativity, and spiritual expression through the Red Madonna program. Learn more about Havi at

How this course works...

This training is 100% video based. You will receive a welcome email (once registered) with everything you need to prepare, as well as login/access to our Student Center – this makes it easy for you to access everything, because it’s all in one place.

We will send you a supportive email once/week for 6 weeks – just to hold you in sacred space and remind you that we’re with you. You can, however, pace yourself because you’ll have immediate access to everything, so take 3 days or 3 months (or longer).

Your access to this course does not expire…ever! Which  means that as inspired – you can do it all again! (And some have!)

General outline

Week One: Introduction, Meditation, and Intention

Who is your Earth Angel Self and why does she/he matter?
What is Intentional Creativity ®?
Meditation to meet with your Earth Angel Self and her qualities
Ritual to awaken your canvas as a sacred gateway
Setting and writing your intention for this journey

Week Two: Gateway, Prayer, Light, Heaven on Earth

Creating a sacred gateway
Welcoming in channeled symbols/language
Adding prayers
Infusing Light into our prayers and gateway
Inviting the harmony of heaven and earth and creating heaven on earth

Week Three: Drawing, Sketching, Lines, Blocking

Teachings on drawing a face, wings, symbols
Sketching your Earth Angel on to the canvas
Painting the forms
Adding color/blocking to bring your canvas alive

Week Four: Face Shading, Symbols, Wings

Learn to add dimension and depth to your Earth Angels face
Choose and paint symbols to surround your Earth Angel
How to create and add texture to your wings

Week Five: Enlivening, Tending

Add color, presence, and life to your symbols
Tend and honor: adding detail, bringing lines back in

Week Six: Hair, Message

Paint hair
Add touches of Light, other honoring
Receive and paint your message on your canvas
Sign your Magically Amazing Painting!


All you need do is register using the “Sign Me Up!” link below. Once we receive your information, we will send you a welcome email with all you need to get started!

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