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Electron circling nucleus
Electron circling nucleus

Today’s energy and forecast brings with it Abundance and a message about just how much we have. In my morning channel I was given a vision of an electron spinning around its nucleus. What is an electron? It is energy. It rotates endlessly around and around never tiring. The vision then expanded to take in such a broad view that I could see everything around that electron and nucleus. We are all made up of atoms. How many?  According to engineer Brian Kross of  the number is so big it would be a 7 followed by 27 zeros. That’s a lot of electrons.  So expand your thought and think of how many electrons are in your house, in your town, the planet, this universe, the galaxy. You are starting to get the picture. With all that energy surrounding us and connecting us together, the magnitude of abundance of energy is almost overwhelming.

So with the persistent talk of the economy in the news and a profound focus on lack, my angels thought it was time to focus on the profound fact that we are swimming in so much energy we couldn’t even use it all if we tried. How many of you have trouble sleeping? An underlying factor in that restlessness is more energy than you can use. But it is easy for us humans to get caught up in the news and the drama of each day. We get so wrapped up and get each other going that we lose focus on what is important. What we really just need to do is take a deep breath, take a step back and take it all in.  How many of you have seen an electron?  We can’t see them but they are really there. I’m talking about seeing the bigger picture including what we can’t see.

 So with Thanksgiving rapidly approaching my angels ask me to offer this advice.  How about using some of that energy excess on family in a loving, sincere and focused way? Release those fears, toss of that karma from holidays past and just be with each other. Forget about tomorrow and be there in the now. I know it is easier said then done,  but you can do it if you try.  So be present and listen in those conversations with your brothers and sisters. Take a few moments to read a book or play a game with a nephew or niece. Help a parent, aunt or uncle move the old sofa or vestibule to a new location. Give those old friends or new guest a welcoming hug. It will make you feel good and do good for your soul. And besides, you will burn off some of that excess energy and you might just sleep well too.

Did somebody say we had an energy shortage. Perhaps they are just looking in the wrong place?

* Diagram courtesy of the University of Cambridge.

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