Come inside.

Hello love, and welcome to Angelsteach!

I know I always have lots of questions when I’m thinking about whether or not to invest in training. I like to have a sense of the people, the level of integrity and – you know – the overall vibe. Are these people folks I’ll admire? Are they real and share from life’s many experiences so I can relate? Do they successfully straddle that important balance between professional and personal? And most importantly, do they care?

Below are our answers to these questions including the background of how we got here, our philosophy, core beliefs, the training path, our membership community, my own background/vision and our magnificent faculty that I’m humbled to share this space with. As you are inspired, please read on.

Be sure to let us know if we can provide more info or help in any way with your decision making because sometimes it can be hard to know where to start or how far to take the training.

My pledge to you is that whenever we answer your needs, we strive to follow our guidance. Which in some cases means we’ll talk you out of something we’re offering. Following guidance is what we teach and it’s also what we do.

We’re here and ready to teach you how to communicate with the angels…if here is where your angels are leading you.

Hugs and angel blessings…

With love,


how we got here

AngelsTeach came into being in 2007. I had discovered angel cards while working at the holistic pet food store my husband and I had created. We had dabbled in different aspects of spiritual work and (temporarily) settled with a focus on animals. Peter was the “Chief Biscuit Wizard” and baked medicinal treats for pups using organic herbs and holistic ingredients following recipes I channeled from Archangel Ariel.

Dogs healed and our customers were happy, but apparently the angels had other plans for us. I was led to training with Doreen Virtue, my husband studied Human Design and we ended up having to close our little shop. Meanwhile, the angels kept whispering insistently, “You need to teach angel communication online and take it global.” I wondered…how? I wondered, “How?”

They answered with what you now see as AngelsTeach. 🙂

Our Philosophy

Here at AngelsTeach, we believe the angels give us an average of one million messages every day! That’s a lot of information that comes through what we “see”, “hear”, “feel” and “know” using what we call the Angelic Intuition. This powerful sense is hugely untapped and available for all of us to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

These one million messages help us make decisions about parenting, what to cook for dinner, where to look for a job, how to dress for a date, discover best vacation options and know what book to read.

These one million messages help us navigate relationship issues, financial challenges, pet care and health.

These one million messages direct us to find ways to reduce stress, feel more spiritually complete and uncover inner peace.

Knowing that there are one million messages coming at us every day can feel overwhelming! How can you even begin to fathom that?

We’ve honestly never actually counted the angels’ daily messages, but we do know that they’re communicating with us in every moment. And that’s where our focus lies…with teaching you how to connect with that constant flow of divine wisdom that’s within your reach 24/7.

When a person becomes our student, they often feel they have found their spiritual home. They feel nurtured, supported and gently pushed to strive for their heart’s desires, to express their own version of “best” and live their own expression of peace.

Our goal is to provide a robust support system with the tools and community needed to master communication with the Angels.

core belief #1

Everyone has the ability to communicate with the angels. No exceptions…everyone!

Many people believe that angel communication is something other, more gifted folks can do. They believe they could never master a relationship with the angels. Not so! Intuition is something everyone is born with. It’s just a matter of learning the unique ways that yours works. And for the record…we’ve never had a student who wasn’t able to connect with their angels!

core belief #2

Learning angel communication is 5% remembering and 95% learning how to trust what you receive.

Regardless of the training level you choose, we strive to reinforce your ability to trust…to trust in love…to trust in yourself and to trust your relationship with the angels.

core belief #3

Angel communication is a birthright and can begin consciously at any age.

Yes, even octogenarians can learn how to have a conversation with their angels (my mother did!)

core belief #4

Each person has their own learning style and needs.

We strive to meet these needs through a variety of live classes, video, audio and email. We understand that while live attendance is ideal, sometimes that’s not possible and people need options for learning. We use easy-to-follow technology to reinforce our teachings and provide alternative approaches.

core belief #5

We believe that your soul has a unique calling.

Our pleasure is to help you discover what that is. Our belief is that when you connect and start working day-to-day, moment-to-moment, that calling will be revealed. You will know your purpose and trust your mission. We have witnessed hundreds who have gone before you and offer our experience to guide you along this journey.

Our Training

Travel our training path as far as the angels guide you. Dive head first and become an Angel Communication Master™, go straight to our Angel Communication 8-week Live Training or dip your toes in with our free one-hour AngelsNOW! webinar where you will learn the mechanics of angel communication as well as get a taste for new dimensions of living, loving and learning.

Not exactly training per se, but you will get a hefty dose of Vitamin Angels in our 3-Month Small Group Coaching Intensive. This is where we help you focus deeply on your connection to the angels and surrendering fully to your inner guidance. Think of this a bit like a spiritual bootcamp…infused with so much love!

Become a Master

After the Angel Communication 8-Week Live Training, the next step is the Angel Communication Masters™ certification training. This is where you’ll integrate what you learned as the pedal hits the metal with a small group, more intimate learning environment and special attention from our teachers. Graduates are certified following rigorous training that includes one-on-one tutoring and homework support/review in classes no bigger than 24 students with 2 teachers.

Whether you want to help your fellow earth angels with professional level readings or you just want to be a Master of your own universe, six months of this advanced level training makes it happen.

You will learn the heart and soul of angel communication transcending way beyond the mere mechanics. (Think foreign language education: you start out learning how to meticulously conjugate a verb and finish speaking fluently without another thought!)

There you have it!

Dip your toes in with our entry level offerings, get certified as an Angel Communication Master™, or join our small group coaching intensive for a full-on dose of Vitamin Angels.

Where should you start and how far will you go? That’s entirely up to you…and your angels!

Just remember, follow your guidance and you will thrive!

meet the founder Elvia Roe

Hello again beautiful earth angel, I’m so glad you’re here!

So a little about me…

Deep down, I’ve always been driven to see people happy. As a little girl, I’d hone in on someone who was sad or felt ill and I’d do my best to change that and make them feel good. When they felt better either through my words or touching their bodies, I knew on some level that I’d done what I came here to do; I felt at home with my actions.

As an adult, I’ve learned that it’s actually my Human Design, as the Cross of Service, to do this. I’m wired body and soul to share opinions – from a place of love, balance and stillness – that provide information for people to correct their course to live a life of joy. I’m also wired to channel energy, which has its definite pros, but also its shadow side, and is entirely reliant on me keeping my intention focused on the higher energies of the angels.

I am still a student – and always will be. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is how to work best with my own unique energy. (We all have unique energy!) This can be challenging because we’re taught to “push for what we want” and “go for it!” While there is a nugget of truth in this, it usually comes with a huge misunderstanding. When the “pushing” and insisting has ego energy, we’re squeezing out God. When we squeeze out God, we limit our true potential.

What is quintessential to living a life of health, wealth and joy is to simply allow the divine energies to do their work.

The ego doesn’t really have a role. It’s a matter of allowing the angels…allowing God. And feeling that sense of belonging. This has been both a tough and absolutely life changing learning for me. I bow down to the angels, for they have shown me the path and supported me 100% along the way.

We can be so hard on ourselves – especially us lightworker folks.

We expect ourselves to always be gracious, inspired, passionate, grateful, and on… While we’re always plugged into these higher energies as the high vibration beings that we are (yes you!), we’re also human. Crappy moods happen. Judgment happens. Guilt happens. And that’s okay…because these emotions are NOT mutually exclusive with all those good ones. I’ve learned that so much of this journey is about self-acceptance, surrender and trust – the main ingredients for true happiness.

As for personal info…I went into computer programming back in the early days and finished as a VP of Systems Development at Fidelity Investments where I learned all kinds of life lessons. In 1999, I left the corporate world to be more present with my growing family. (Great angel and Human Design story there for another time!)

I am in the fourth decade of a blissful marriage to my soul mate, Peter, and we have two beautiful children, Orlena and Theron. They are both adults now. Orlena is a scientist/artist currently living in Philadelphia (although she moves around the planet like a butterfly!) Theron lives in Japan with his lovely, Japanese wife and teaches English. While spreading across the planet, we are a very close knit family and cherish our rare time together.

Thank you for sharing your time with me! And with that, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to get to know Our Teachers. Each and every one of them is quite special!

Meet our Faculty

Our teachers are passionate about what they do – teach! As you will see, each of them has expressed themselves with a truly authentic voice and sharing precisely what they feel is important for you to know.

These beautiful souls are dedicated wholly and practice what they preach. They follow their intuition to teach our students how to access their own intuition and live a life of happiness, abundance and fulfilment.

They demonstrate the process with a deep understanding that joy is experienced as life purpose is revealed through communication with the angels. They know that the only way this can happen is for you to be…you.

Please read on to meet these lovelies…