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Ask the Angels – November Answers

My dear earth angels,

Welcome to this month’s edition of Ask the Angels with answers to questions submitted by our subscribers. 

Our themes this month are past lives, dealing with financial struggle and how to relax into the flow with the angels.

Tough and very real situations. Heartfelt thanks to Christine, Teeanolia and Vickie for the courage and inspiration to ask for guidance. I know these questions and corresponding answers will help many earth angels within this community.


Christine from New Jersey writes,

Hello Rev. Elvia, 

I have been through some major changes in my life over the past three years. I have been divorced, moved to a new state, had my daughter (and her cat) move in with me, became involved in a new love relationship (which has not always been easy) and was promoted to the position I always wanted with my current employer about a year ago. There are times I simply feel overwhelmed and pulled into many different directions.

My worries are different now that I am on my own and often center around my finances. I try to take quiet time to listen to my angels, but I do admit it can be hard to clear my mind of everything else that is going on in my life, and actually hear them.

I would like to ask them, through you, what they would like me to know? or what advice they currently would like to share with me? Maybe even, what I can look forward to? I do love them dearly and speak to them everyday, it has just been difficult to really hear their response or notice the signs they send me. Thank you very much for the opportunity to hear from them through you xoxo

Music of the Spheres from the Universal Wisdom deck by Toni Carmine Salerno

Rev. Elvia writes:

My dear Christine, first – your dedication and adoration of the angels is an inspiration. That’s where it all starts, so well done!

I keep hearing over and over – relax! I see this beautiful woman in the image feeling a little sad and tied to earthly elements. There is not much holding her down, but she is feeling tethered nonetheless. All she needs to do is realize that she can swim whenever she wishes. Her future is so bright!

Translation – this is you my sweet earth angel! You may feel the ties and binds of your daily life are a hindrance and there is fear around finances, but that is only in your mind. Look back at all the decisions your angels have already guided you to make and the abundance they have created – including the promotion you wanted. You are well taken care of.

The main message here is to deepen your ability to relax and let go by asking your angels to let them help you prioritize what’s important. Let them decide when it’s time to chat with your daughter, make the bed, go shopping. Let them help you decide which restaurant to go to with your honey and what route is best when driving to work.

I realize you are struggling to hear their guidance and they say their “whispers” can be “loud and clear” if you ask them to turn up the volume. Ask them to please make their guidance obvious and strong. You are open to them, which again is where it all begins. Now you need to tell them what you need – with gratitude and faith, of course

For example, if you ask for their help with your finances – e.g. should I buy this Christmas gift or should I save the money? and their response isn’t clear. Say to them, “Angels please! I need you to make this decision clear for me! Thank you!” And then wait for their response. If you get truthful in your heart, you’ll know.  

Angelic Assignment:

Ask for help with as many of your decisions as you can and be explicit with exactly what you need from them. What you ask, you receive – so be sure you’re clear with what you ask.

And I am hearing your angels singing!!

Teeanolia from Detroit, Michigan asks,
I am having problems with money I know most people are but I cannot get what money that due me I feel so alone not knowing what to do.

Angel of Abundance from the Angels, Gods & Goddesses deck by Toni Carmine Salerno
Rev. Elvia writes:
Dear Teeanolia (beautiful name by the way!), Could the angels be any more direct and wonderful with this card that came forward for YOU!! I belly laughed with joy when I picked this card. Trusting you are smiling as well ;)…
I do feel as though there is a flow of abundance coming your way. Now let me be clear about what that can mean. This is about flow of energy, so could be about new opportunities for work, healthier relationships that will result in greater happiness, or some other flow of goodness opening up for you.
Your task is to keep your thoughts on the higher vibrations of faith that you are being provided for. That you will never be left for poor. That with dedication, persistance with your prayer efforts and trust that all is good, everything you need comes to you easily and right when you need it.
The angels keep giving me a vision of one of my favorite books on this topic by Catherine Ponder, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. Their guidance is for you to grab a copy and make it your bible. This will help you with your work.
Before I get to your Angelic Assignment, I’d also like to gently remind you that even though others are experiencing a similar situation, doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to ask for help with this. Your question is wonderful and needed, so think of yourself as an ambassador asking for help on behalf of all those who are benefiting from this guidance. 🙂 
Angelic Assignment:
Affirm the following…
I am a divine child of God. All I need to live a happy and healthy life is provided for me. I am joy, I am love, I am abundance!
Make The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity your new favorite book. Let your angels guide you to what you need to read on a daily basis.

Vickie from Warwick asks, 

I have been praying all of my life in gratitude to God and have recently within the past 3 years, been asking God to send his angels to protect my family which are away from me.

I have heard that when you see feathers, it means that the angels are around you or with you, is this true? I have been seeing a lot of feathers lately and have been at a sort of crossroads in my life. I am a happily married mother of 3, and have just recently decided to go back to school. I also volunteer a lot for various activities.

I feel that the angels are trying to tell me something and I just can not figure it out. I also have started to have visions per say. For instance, I was in my office the other day .listening to my favorite radio station, KLOVE, when, in the middle of a song, it changed songs. I then heard the most beautiful Celtic Ballad I have ever heard. I closed my eyes and i could see my self looking down, my hands my feet, all dressed in like 18th century ball gown. Dancing with a man and smiling into his eyes which were smiling back. When I opened my eyes, the music changed back. I have had dreams before, but not like this. This has never happened before, not in the middle of the day. Can you help me?

Lilac Mist from the Universal Wisdom deck by Toni Carmine Salerno

Rev. Elvia writes: You are defiitely having some past life flashbacks my dear Vickie and your angels are making it loud and clear – wonderful!

The message I am receiving for you from the Lilac Mist card is that you are more closely connected to other realms than you used to be. You have opened up in the last 7 years to worlds you didn’t even know existed before.

By taking you to visit past lifetimes, your angels are showing you all that you’re capable of – not just astral traveling but also what you’re experiencing while in those lifetimes. For example, that love you shared with your partner while dressed in regal style – your angels want you to know that you and your husband are “king and queen” of a sort.

I am hearing that you downplay your gifts and believe that others are stronger, more able than you. Not so! Your soul has lived in luxury and felt entitlement to your full power. Your angels want you to feel that again. 

Ha! I just got a vision of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer when he tried to cover his nose because he thought no one would understand. 😉

You have nothing to hide and so much to give. I realize you volunteer, etc… all great stuff for sure! What I’m talking about is spiritual gifts – really tapping into them so you remember how powerful you are and how to share these gifts with others.

The feathers – yes, from the angels. You are at a crossroads and the decision is whether you wish to fully and completely surrender to the guidance of your angels. I’m feeling you a little on the fence with this, hence the crossroads. I understand you are devout, but there’s a difference between being devout and surrendering your entire decision making process to God and the angelic realm. The ego does not like this choice so will work hard to keep it from happening.

Angelic Assignment:

Ask your angels to help you choose the higher path and to trust what’s in the best interest for you, is also in the best interest for all those you love.



And…that’s a wrap for this month’s Ask the Angels responses. 

If your question was not selected, it will remain in our queue and may be chosen in the coming months.

Remember to trust that your angels are working on your behalf 24/7so look for the answers within the other readings as well as in the world around you.

If you would like to submit a question for consideration next month, click HERE and I’d love to help as guided.

With love,

Rev. Elvia Nina

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