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Children, Moths and the Magic of Prayer

I have a fairy tale to share with you today about children, moths and how prayer has proven to have magical powers.

Ready? I think you may enjoy this one…

Once upon a time there were 18 children who all attended the same camp. At this camp these children learned about meditation, power animals and using prayer to send energy to those who are in need.

They practiced these techniques on themselves, each other, parents, passing dogs and stray sheep.

And they loved it. They discovered a source they held within that could shift the energy just by calling upon a higher power, asking for help and focusing their energy in love.

They also learned about good old fashioned fun through games like the ones we used to play. Remember?

Capture the flag, Sardines, 4-Square…

And then there were the games you may not know of, such as Tank and Greasy Watermelon.

[OK, quick diversion, because I think everyone should know about the Greasy Watermelon game… you take one medium sized watermelon, coat it with a thin layer of oil, get 2 teams of excited people in a swimming pool and then throw the watermelon in the pool. Each team tries to get the watermelon to their end of the pool. The rules? The watermelon can’t surface and no one can drown.]

Yes, these little campers loved this camp.

One rainy day, the camp director decided to take these inspired children to the Museum of Science so he packed them up in two vans and they sang their way into Boston.

They wandered around the museum and eventually found their way to the Butterfly Room on the second floor.

As they marveled at all the magical winged creatures, one of the counselors noticed that a museum entomologist (bug expert) was watching a large moth with great concern. It had just emerged from its cocoon.

This moth was not at all healthy and the entomologist was telling some surrounding adults that she believed it was about to die.

Hearing this, the camp director’s angels whispered to him, “Get the children to do some directed prayer through the energy in their hands…just as you have been practicing back at home base.”

“Great idea!” thought the camp director so he said to the entomologist, “Our children have been learning how to do healing through prayer, would you like us to work on your moth? It’s a bit like reiki only different.”

“Sure, please do!” replied the bug lady.

The children hadn’t really noticed what was transpiring, so the camp director gathered them around, showed them the moth and explained the situation. He then instructed them to practice what they had been learning.

The children faced the moth lining up behind the camp director, closed their eyes, called upon their angel energy and directed their hands towards the moth.

After about 2 minutes, they felt done and went on about their business of being children in a museum. They left the room.

[Side note: one of the important things to learn about prayer is to state your intention, do your work and then let go…move on. That’s exactly what these children did. No one was attached to the outcome because it was in the angels’ hands.]

The camp director’s wife stayed behind with a couple of stragglers who were fascinated with a monarch butterfly.

As she waited, she overheard the entomologist say to a fellow bug lover, “Wow! Look! The moth is opening its wings!!”

Several other adults came forward, mouths open.

“This group of children just came through and did something they called energy work on it and look! It’s fine now! I don’t know who they were, but I am sooooo thankful!” she continued with an ear to ear grin.

And the moth and the children lived happily ever after.

Okay, confession time. That’s a true story…and I still like to think of it as a fairy tale too! This happened at our camp about 5 years ago and the angels asked me to share it with you today.

This story is relevant now, because we are all witness to a shifting and wonderful era that is making it easier for us all to access our inner angelic power through prayer.

Just yesterday, I was reading that oil-eating microbes have been doing much of the clean up in the Gulf. This was not anticipated by most scientists and I wonder, how much of this is because of all the prayer that has been directed at that sacred body of water.

I don’t wonder very long…I know the answer.

This weekend, I invite you to take some time to focus on your practice of prayer. It’s your most powerful tool in your toolkit of life.

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