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Creative blocks… best source of God’s inspiration?

As I type, it’s been almost 48 hours since I last wrote in my daily journal, my morning pages. And that was in the afternoon. Before that, it was a couple of days.

The terrifying little two year old inside has her hands on her hips saying, “You can’t make me! Humf!”

I’m discovering that my creative process is like a dance itself.

This morning’s dialogue…

[Creative self] Will you tango with me?

[Me] Nah, you’re ugly to me today. And besides, I don’t know squat about the tango.

[CS] Okay, then will you boogie to some hip hop with me?

[Me] That’s enticing, but the hip hop moves of a 56 yo and creating are two different things.

[CS] Are they?

[Me] I’m eating breakfast. I’m not going to put that music on now. You know it’ll get me going.

[CS] Exactly.

Reluctantly, I put on some music and dancing starts to happen…

[Me] So I boogied, now what?

[CS] You’re feeling a block, but it’s not there.

[Me] How’s that?

[CS] What you’re perceiving as a block is simply an invitation. Dive in. It’s juicy down there.

[Me] An invitation, eh? Okay, let’s see…

I’m off now on a journey of discovery today. I’ll keep you posted on what’s “down there” in the creative abyss.

What’s in your creative wallet? 😉


P.S. I chose this silly selfie of my daughter and me for this post because A) she’s an amazing, prolific creative being and B) a while back she shared that there are never mistakes with her paintings or drawings. When she makes a brush stroke she didn’t intend, she takes it as a sign that something else is coming through. How freeing and wonderful! Love her!

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