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Energy alert and wisdom from a team of angels

Maybe it’s 9-11. Maybe it’s the crazy solar flare activity or the news from across the globe. Most likely, it’s a combination of these things, and more.

Whatever energies are flailing around us right now, I know of many sensitive souls who are feeling the pinch. Are you, dear one?

The angels have some wisdom to share. You could call this a Public Service Announcement for Sensitive Beings 😉

Before I get to that, I’d like to honor all those affected by 9-11…the victims, their families & friends, all those who assisted from near and far, and the rest of us who felt the blast, the shock and prayed.

I invite you to pause for a moment of silence and pray peace.

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Channeled message from Archangels Michael, Ariel and Chamuel
(sometimes I experience the archangels one-on-one and at other times their voices of several merge into one, the case here.)

Dear ones,

The time is now and the place is here. You are being strongly encouraged to step back and focus on the higher path. That’s what these intense energies are all about. 

We know it can be easy to focus on the physical and emotional “symptoms” of what you are feeling – the anxiety, the fatigue, the sorrow, the shame. This is your invitation to become the observer and watch the woman or man inside who is feeling these things.

Let go of any attachment and ownership you believe you must have. You are not defined by your emotions. They are sensations that pass through you. Observe them. Do not own them.

As you shift to a higher perspective, you gain access to a level of serentity and purpose that is not available to you otherwise.

Ask us and we will help you adopt the I AM consciousness. This is our first point.

Second, we ask that you do not make any big decisions over the next few days.

While this is a time of enormous change, it is not a time for immediate action. Let the dust settle first so that you can choose with clarity, not force.

Remember always how truly, deeply loved you are.

When you catch yourself forgetting, affirm: ‘I AM one with God and the angels now and for all time. I AM love, grace, health and peace. And so it is.’

Use the tools you have been given. Trust that you are here on planet earth to assist with the birth of a new era. Step boldy into that role and know that we are guiding you always.

With love and an eternity of divine blessings,

Archangels Michael, Ariel and Chamuel 


Enjoy this glorious day with the angels!

Until next time…

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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