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Energy…where’s yours?

In my morning meditation, the Angels guided me to focus on one particular object. This object is representative of something I’ve been working to learn more about and this was their way to help me get more information. I’ve been meditating for years now and this was a new twist on an old practice inspired by a reading from the Dalai Lama, “A person whose mind is distracted Dwells between the fangs of afflictive emotions.”

And he goes on to write about Focus. “Depsite the fact that distraction is our current state, the capacities for knowledge which we all possess can be drawn together and focused on an object we want to understand…Through such focus, all practices – whether love, compassion, the altruistic intention to become enlightened, or the insight into your own nature and the actual condition of all other phenomena – are dramatically enhanced, so your progess is much faster and more profound.”

I take this to be largely about understanding where your energy is and how it is being directed. While I was focusing on this one object, I noticed how easily my thoughts were able to interrupt. I find it much easier to simply keep my mind blank which is what I typically do in meditation. Keeping my mind focused on one object, is a skill I have much to learn about.

Our cat Cloud chewed through the cord of our adopted daughter Lauren’s cell phone charger yesterday. One of Lauren’s favorite passtimes is texting. For the short time her phone sat charging on Peter’s desk as she borrowed his cord, Lauren felt the need to come into his office to send a text. Even an hour away from this distraction was too tempting. And she is not alone!

We live in a world of distraction. Between Facebook, email, cell phones, telephones, tv, internet, you-name-it, we are wired for interruptions. Is it any wonder that we struggle as a society to manifest our dreams? It is with disciplined focus that we have the ability to achieve the results the Dalai Lama speaks of.

Chances are that as you read this, you are multi-tasking. That’s just the way of our world. So right now, what else are you focused on? Where’s your energy in this moment?

Take 5 minutes today to sit in stillness and focus on one object that you would like to better understand. Release judgment about how easy or difficult this task may be for you. It takes practice and all you have to do is try. I know I’m going to continue to work on this approach to meditation. Will you join me?

Blessings of Focused Love, Joy and Abundance,

Rev. Nina

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