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[Event] Ancestral Healing: Releasing Patterns Inherited from Our Parents

We’ve all got ’em, dear . Parents that is.

While personal experiences range from deep, lasting relationships to never having laid eyes on them to very, very challenging, deeply hurtful relationships to all the in-betweens and other…parents – and/or those playing the role of parents – have a profound influence on us.

As babies and small children, there is little we are able to do for ourselves. We are in the care of those who can do for us. It’s an integral part of the design of what it means to be human.

During that time and for all the years after, we are impacted, conditioned, taught and changed.

I do believe this is all part of the setup for what our souls came here to learn. AND it’s a huge part of our task for healing and spiritual evolution.

Last week, I was given clear instructions from my angel friends to offer an event to help inspired earth angels release the patterns inherited from their parents. The energy right now is ripe for it.

This kind of work is a big undertaking and honestly, I’m sensing that this event is really the start of something. But that guidance will come in later. (So I’m told. 😉)

The details:

On Saturday, March 13th 11AM-1PM Eastern, I will be hosting a gathering for those who would like to work on releasing some patterns inherited from parents.

This will include some meditation, journaling, sharing, EFT and – of course – angel cards.

The event will take place via Zoom and will be recorded and made available to those who register.

This event is free to our Living with the Angels™ members** and you can become a member now for just $0.88/month for the first three months.*** 

***We’re gearing up for a promo that I’m guided to open a little early for this – more at a later date – but if you would like to get going and enjoy all our member benefits and give it a whirl, we would love to welcome YOU!

OR, if that doesn’t feel right, you can participate for $22.22 at our non-member rate.
Click to join Releasing Patterns Inherited from Our Parents only

Whatever you’re called by your angels to do…is perfect!
All I pray for each every day is that YOU follow your guidance, wherever it leads you.

Until next time…
May you be blessed by a lovely day with your angels!

xo Elvia

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