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The Gift of Gratitude
 By Rev. Nina Roe

Have you ever opened your eyes to a new day and  felt, “Ugh!”?Have you felt anxiety about changes that are  entering into your life?…and you wonder, “did I really ask for this?”

I don’t usually wake up feeling discouraged, but this morning I did. Today fear reared it’s unwelcome head.

AngelsTeach  is in the face of a major transition. We moved out of the  studio in Medway MA. two weeks ago after I faced my truth and accepted  that it  was not the right answer and never would be. The  buidling was under construction and would be for the foreseeable future. More importantly, it never felt right in my heart.

When I was free of the ties of physical space, I felt surprisingly liberated. It was if my path was becoming suddenly clearer. And I remember that sometimes clarity comes from knowing what you don’t want. came as an inspiration from the angels late last winter and has been blossoming like a beautiful rose ever since. It has grown by leaps and bounds, established some wonderful strategic partnerships and has truly become its own Being.

I honor my role as the gardener. I honor my role as caretaker to guide, but not control this amazing entity that I have been given.

But this morning, as I laid in bed  watching the  day open its eyes on a new beginning and contemplated all the changes that lie before me, I sighed and  wondered, “do I have enough energy to complete this mission? Can I  continue to flow with the changes that AngelsTeach needs to ensure its success? Has it grown bigger than what I can handle?”.

Not knowing what else to do and feeling overwhelmed, I did what I do best. I talked to my Angels. They gently guided me to bring my focus to gratitude for all that is clear in my life right now. And I lay breathing in gratitude.

I am grateful for this bed.

I am grateful for these soft sheets and this  toasty blanket.

I am grateful for my beloved husband, my twin flame, who offered to get  our children ready for school and who’s warm body I can still feel and smell in the empty space next to me.

I am grateful for  our son who may be struggling with his grades at the moment, but who I know will do well in life because he spreads love and joy wherever he goes.

I am grateful for  our daughter who is  beautiful, creative, my greatest teacher  and has a heart of gold.

I am grateful for the trees outside my window and love how they support the birds and the squirrels who live in them.

I am grateful for  our  kitten who entertains us by acting like a dog and fetches her yarn ball and comes when you whistle.

I am grateful for her mother who sometimes pees where she shouldn’t to remind us that while she is a cat, she has wants and desires too.

I am grateful for the amazing people I have met…in the past year, in the past decade, since I became an adult. Since I was a child. I grateful for choosing to see them all with the eyes of Love.

I am grateful for my friends who encourage and support  me.

I am grateful for my students who dedicate their lives to making positive change for themselves and in their world.

I am grateful for my subscribers who are along for the journey and understand that aligning yourself with your higher being and the will of the angels is “simply Divine”!

I am grateful to my students and clients who  understand that AngelsTeach is evolving at light speed. Who are patient while  schedules and offerings are changing… almost daily.

I am grateful for our Earth and how She sustains us with unconditional Love.

I am grateful for the  Heavens which pours its brilliant light all over us.

I am grateful for you.

I am grateful for the unwaivering  support from my Angels.

I am grateful for me.

And as I continue to breathe in the energy of gratitude and exhale love to the world around me, I am calmed. I become peaceful.

And I know without doubt that I can continue on my path. I am strengthened by gratitude and supported by the Angels. Always. Without exception.

And so are you!

My love and gratitude to you, because you are YOU!

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