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Happy Birthday AngelsTeach!!

Yesterday was AngelsTeach’s second birthday! I spent the day in prayer and gratitude for all that has taken place in the past two years…

I’ve always viewed AngelsTeach as an entity that is flowing through me and I am simply her “instrument”. And she is blessed with other “instruments” who dedicate their love, time and energy to making AngelsTeach the creation that she is offering services to help people discover their angels and bring our world to a greater state of peace. 

At this time, I would like to thank…

Marianne Chandler, our Customer Care Angel who genuinely cares for our customers in a way no one else could. She is also a teacher-in-training.

Kim Turcotte who is not just a teacher extraordinaire, but has also served as a loving guide directing AT (and me!) and giving us nudges when we need to be nudged!

Katie Frantz who while recently has needed to attend to a personal situation, but has spent many hours also guiding AT’s direction as well as helping make her more beautiful when she wasn’t teaching or coaching.

Barb Andrew who is my beloved seminary friend and now Angelic Life Coach® and teacher-in-training. She is passionate about the angels and spreads their love wherever possible!

Dawn Simpson who is a new teacher-in-training and is a most passionate fan of the angels.

My true earth angel, Peter, who without you AngelsTeach would not exist. You are my rock, my inspiration and the love of my life.

And to all our loyal and most amazing coaches and students from around the world – YOU are why we exist!!!

I love you all soooo much and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for “raising” AngelsTeach in such a loving and supportive “family”. We got the word yesterday that she’s ready to move from a two-year old crawler into a running toddler…look world!!! :)…

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