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Leadership Notebook – Prompt #1

A moment when someone I respect engaged in Leadership.

My mother…back in 1985, only a few months after my husband Peter and I got married. She left my father to be with the man she’d been having an affair with. Mind you, I was shocked and totally upset about how this all came about, but as the years have allowed me to heal and come to terms with why she did what she did, I understand. And I respect the leadership she displayed, given the era and her family of origin. I don’t condone how it all played out (behind my father’s back), but I release judgment and instead deeply honor her need to take care of herself and ensure her own happiness. She did what she felt she needed to do – probably what felt like her only legitimate option – to move from a marriage that was dull, not nurturing in any way and essentially had a bleak future. And in doing so, she set a beautiful example for me, her only daughter. Her actions taught me that #1 – happiness is a priority and #2 – sometimes you have to go to extremes to make it happen.


Is Leadership a choice?

Absolutely! On any given day, we’re offered a chance to stand apart and BE ourselves. Leadership is following the truth that lives in our own hearts – not anyone else’s. This is why choosing to be a leader is standing apart from others to acknowledge one’s own uniqueness and reason for being. As we all choose the path of leadership by choosing to be aligned with who we are and why we’re here, the world is a much better place.


What change am I looking to make as a Leader?

To inspire people to understand themselves more deeply and feel safe, comfortable and excited to be true to their whole selves – body, mind and spirit. My venue for this is “angel communication” although my view of the angels is not the norm. I view angels as aspects of the higher self. Think: archetypes. We connect with a more complete, integrated version of ourselves when we include spirit along with the body and mind.

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