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Let FREEDOM ring!

Freedom. Pause for a moment and say it out loud. FREEDOM!! Hear the cadance of the word. Taste it in your mouth. Feel it in your body. Let it penetrate your gut. Look at how it’s constructed: FREE-DOM – a realm where you are truly free.

Freedom is something that we celebrate nationally this time of year, because we are so blessed with many, many freedoms. At the same time, parts of us feel a lack of freedom…there are parts of us that feel trapped.

It’s time to tune into your psychic abilities, determine where you are feeling constricted and chip away at the any encumbrances to your personal freedom.

I love the study of words and their origins, because behind so many words are hidden meanings that we are often unaware of. The energy of our words carries so much more than what we are conscious of on the surface, because words have their own rich history that goes back through different cultures. In researching the meaning of Freedom, I learned that “Free” has a derivation stemming from “dear, or beloved”. “dom” means “to set or to put”. So, when we use the word FREEDOM, an aspect of this powerful word’s energy is indicating how and where we can set or put our dear ones, our beloveds.

If FREEDOM implies that this is a state or place where we know our loved ones will be taken care of, then it is whatever we imagine an idyllic state or place to be. Not just a place that is safe, but a place to grow and live our fullest potential.

Where and what do you desire most for your loved ones? What choices, environments, relationships, etc… will bring them the most joy on the physical, mental, emotional AND spiritual levels?

Often times, people assume that appearances of grand material wealth indicate success – while this is certainly an aspect of FREEDOM, it is far from the solving the whole puzzle. It is but a fourth of the picture.

I will be offline for the next two weeks contemplating my own FREEDOM, and I invite you to take this time to work with your intuition to assess where you are with FREEDOM on all four levels of existence: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I have setup a survey for you to post your personal views on FREEDOM. If you would like to participate, please know that this is anonymous and select responses will be posted to this blog in a few weeks time. To particiate, just click on FREEDOM WRITERS. Speak from your heart and let your soul sing its song of FREEDOM!

I wish you a blessed holiday with your beloved dear ones!
Much love,
Rev. Nina and Your Angels

From Toni Carmine Salerno’s Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Cards

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