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Protection with the Angels 2-CD Set

Do you feel vulnerable to
being hurt by other people’s negativity?

Is it hard for you to be in a
crowded room with lots of noise?

Do you believe that you could be harmed
by the anger or sadness of people around you?


In this 2-CD audio recording of a live class held in June 2009, you will receive the basic tools for protecting yourself from negativity and what the angels call “lower vibrations”. You will learn how to call upon your angels to shield you and keep you from harm.

INSTRUCTORS:  Rev. Nina Roe and Barb Andrews
Release Date: September 1, 2009


PRICE: $19.95 plus $6 shipping/handling.

TESTIMONIALS from the live class:

“Protection with The Angels was one of the best classes I ever took for my own personal spiritual growth. I learned so much out of this class. I have always had very weak boundaries and I pick up other peoples energies even if I do not want to. I have been told I am an empath and sometimes for me it is so hard to go out in the world and not get effected by the energies of others. I learned in this class how to shield myself and protect myself through daily meditation and different exercises. I loved everything about this class. And I would advise anyone who is sensitive to take this class. Nina and Barb were great and there was so much love on the phone. Thanks!” Lauren, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.


It wasn’t till after this class that I realized how much of my personal energy I was losing from absorbing other people’s negative thoughts or energy. The subtleties of this is so important to recognize! Especially as someone who is mainly clairsentient I did not clearly see the fine line between compassion for others and absorbing then living out their emotions. What freedom this new understanding has!”  Rachel, New Haven, CT, USA


“When I was doing the class I kept the Archangel Michael near me to be sure to receive his help. One time I couldn’t find the card and I was “freaking” out. Well a couple of minutes later I heard I’m right here, don’t worry, I’m always with you!” As I heard these words a warmth and peaceful feeling came over my whole body! I looked down and there was the card under some papers on my desk. I felt as though I could cry and I knew I was safe and loved and heard! Also, when I did the letter to myself everything he told me I needed to help me was absolutely true. Thank-you so much!” Kelly, Lincoln, RI, USA


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