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The Angelic Dynamic of Change

Have you ever wished that change would happen overnight?…that you can make a wish, caste a spell and voila, it’s done!

This past weekend, the angels shared some insight on the dynamics of how change operates, what happens when we make up our minds for something in our lives to be different, whatever that is.

Change is comprised at its foundation of two core principles, seemingly opposing yet interrelated forces coming together like waves within waves creating a cyclical experience. It is the motion of transition that moves up and down. When at the peak or in the valley, it’s as if the space in between never existed because it really doesn’t matter.

At the top of the wave is the decision for the change to take place. I’m not talking about the wishy-washy “maybe I’ll…” This is not the “Well, I’m pretty sure I want to be healthier, at least most of the time.”

No, this is the “there’s-no-going-back” decision. This is the “I’m going to do this no matter what” kind of decision.

This is the decision of the spiritual warrior who proclaims a resounding YES with never less than 51% of their energy.

This point in the process often results after reaching a tipping point and happens instantaneously. This is the tippity top of the peak of the wave.

Whether it’s suddenly realizing enough already with the job, spouse, home, etc… and deciding to make a change, there can be a lot of build up to the point of transition. This is a journey of empowerment.

On the descent from the top of the wave is the journey of manifestation. Once majority rules and the change is in motion, the process needs time to unfold. Your energy and that of the world around you needs time to respond to the change in your vibration. And respond it does.

As it does, there comes a point when the valley of the wave is reached and it is clear that healing, self-empowerment, a new cycle of change has begun. Climbing up towards the top until a new decision is reached.

 Change is a cycle. Change takes commitment. Change takes time.

I’ll be honest, there’s a part of me who’s wondered why this message needed to be shared today. To some extent, it seems a little too obvious.

 Archangel Michael and Gabriel’s collective response (which of course quickly put me in my place!) was…

 “It is time for all those earth angels who have set change into motion – which is everyone by the way – to understand the underpinnings of the process. There is much angst among humans at this time who are wanting change to happen now!

 “The truth is, the change is now. Everything happening in this moment is part of the change that you have prayed for. This is a time of holding your intentions clear and for all to see. And then waiting for the energies to shift around you. And shift they will dear ones!

 It is ALL good!”

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