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A country divided…and angels

If one thing is clear from this election, it’s that our beloved United States of America appears to be deeply divided in the area of who’s the best next leader of the country. Whatever side of the political fence you sit, I’m guessing you can feel the tension.

In astrological terms, our country is experiencing its own first Pluto return. When the energies of Truth are pulsing, beckoning, insisting. And, of course, this is Truth in the highest expression, divine sense of the word. Truth.

For all of us living here (and even for those living outside our borders, watching the unfoldment), it’s intense.

Some of us are experiencing high anxiety, others are feeling calm and able to stay centered and all the in-betweens. (Of course Human Design plays a big role in how the energy affects us…but that’s a whole other conversation.)

What I have observed is that our people have deep conviction about their opinion on who should be our next POTUS. Like really deep.

And that deep conviction is stirring the pot with a spoon reaching all the way down to the stuck-on onions, garlic and mushrooms at the bottom of the pan.

People are awakening to a desire to fight for their beliefs, no matter what. (Mars in Aries these past months, retrograde even, has had an influence on this.)

What’s wonderful about all this is that we’re awakening to the desire to stand strong for our beliefs and be authentically passionate.

What’s tricky and – dare I say – potentially dangerous is when those beliefs are rooted in the ego.

This is where our angels come in to mentor us to not only be the expression of love, but to help us do whatever inner work is required to be the consistent expression of love… for everyone, especially for ourselves.

Working with these higher vibration energies helps us to realize greater self awareness, to have our antennae scanning the inner landscape tuned to alert us when we’re judging, ridiculing, deepening the divide, falling away from…Love.

I get it. This can feel like a full time job sometimes. And it can be exhausting. But it’s also one of the reasons why we’ve incarnated to be here during this pivotal transition in the evolution of humanity.

We are the midwives and midhusbands to the birth of a refurbished* humanity. And our winged friends are inviting us to see beyond the illusion of division and instead focus on what really does unite us.

We are called to do the work.

We are called to take care of ourselves.

We are encouraged be gentle when we fall away from center, because inevitably we will. Probably today, most days. It’s part of the human experience.

And knowing forgiveness inside and out is an essential element of our awakening.

When we do stumble, we are called to invoke the higher awareness to bring ourselves back into alignment, through this forgiveness, through grace. (Visioning a patient mama holding her cranky toddler who has just flung a sharp lego toy at her face, because she’s tired and she wanted another cookie. The mama is hugging her little one sweetly back into a place of peace while the fitful sobs release and the little one lets go of her fury.)

No judgment, no shame. Just love.

As we see, feel, believe and know our beautiful country to be one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. It becomes just that. However we get there. Together, working to fix the outdated or broken systems and structures.

We are guided, every step of the way.

*Refurbished seemed like such a strange adjective to describe what’s happening, but the angels insisted. As I sat with it, I realized how well it really fits. Once again, thank you angels!

So much love from my heart to yours,
xo Elvia

Photo cred: M Cooper from Unsplash

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