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Angel Lesson #3 – The 4 Primary Clairsenses + Guidance through “one of those weeks”

Springtime greetings dear earth angels,

I pray all is well with you! Before I dig in…

First, early-bird registration for 2015 Angel Communication Basic Training is now OPEN!

Second, I just have to share reason #47865 why it’s so important to know how to communicate with your angels…

I recently had one of those craaazzy weeks. You know the kind?

It was my birthday and I spent a good part of the day with my Dad in the ER. He sprained his knee, making already difficult ambulation even more challenging. Another sizeable chunk of the day was with spent with my mother who thought it was her birthday. (Dementia.)

On Wednesday, my brother – primary care giver for my father – had car troubles, so I helped him navigate that. I had a meeting with a telesummit partner that I just plumb forgot. When I got home, I tripped and fell…splat.

On Thursday, my husband had cataract surgery for an atypical type of cataract that forms at the back of the eye.

And then there’s my precious “angel work” that was temporarily pushed to the back burner so I could deal with all these other events.

Were there times I wanted to scream? Yes. So I did…but not for long.

Not for long, because I also prayed like the dickens asking my angels to guide me through.

In response, I felt their whispers of love, their guidance of what to do next. I heard, “Time out. Breathe. Surrender and release the struggle. It’s all good. Here’s what we suggest you do…”

They loved me and promptly return me to center. Just like they always do.

Yes, reason #47865 is a goodie. 😉


Okay, so let’s get this Angel Lesson #3 party started!

Clairsenses – these are the senses you use to communicate with the angels. This is the mechanical side of angel communication. How it works…

I’m going to list these in the order that most people find to be easiest to hardest. Remember, angel communication is a very personal experience, so realize that you may find clairvoyance to be a challenge and mastering claircognizance to be a breeze.

Clairvoyance – This is your ability to visually “see” angel messages within and beyond the physical plane.

Examples include:

  • seeing patterns with your earthly eyes. This includes repeating numbers (11,44, etc.), shapes in clouds, licence plates with meaning, etc… Have a habit of looking at the clock when it’s 11:11? or 12:34? 🙂
  • seeing angels, spirits, auras and/or other energies with your 3rd eye. Some earth angels – perhaps you?! – can easily see colors around other life forms. 
  • seeing messages through objects with your earthly eyes. This includes feathers on the ground, coins in the parking lot, power animals or other visible signs from above. Any unusual animals showing up in your life?  

Clairaudience – This is your ability to “hear” angel messages – both from your inner voice(s) and in the world around you.

Examples include:

  • hearing that loving inner voice that guides you – emphasis on the loving, as most of us tend to house other judgmental voices that aren’t so loving. This is the voice that suggests you call that special friend at the perfect moment. When she answers she says, “I was just thinking about you!” 
  • hearing people when you’re out and about in the world (or in your own home). These are conversations overheard with messages for you. Perhaps in the past week, you’ve heard folks talking about the great outdoors, going hiking. Maybe your angels are nudging you to get outside more.
  • hearing sounds that seem to hold meaning – sirens that underscore a warning you’ve felt, wind chimes that sing in approval of what you’re doing, songs that come on the radio with the right verse at the right time. How many times have you heard “Calling All Angels?” 😉

Clairsentience – This is your ability to “feel” angel messages: emotionally and physically. 

Examples include:

  • feeling deeply happy when you’re going to visit a park in the city. Your angels are telling you it’s healthy, it’s good!
  • getting recurrent headaches on your way to work. There’s something off that needs to change and your angels are telling you this through your body.
  • feeling a pit in your stomach every time you encounter your ex. Again, something needs to shift.
  • feeling a sense of calm wash over you when you garden. More, more, MORE sayeth your angels!

Claircognizance – This is your ability to “know” angel messages. This is a gutteral, primal sense.

Examples include:

  • knowing that everything’s going to be fine, when logic would tell you otherwise.
  • knowing that you simply must _______. Fill in the blank: eat some greens? take a break? read a certain book?…! 
  • knowing that life is a gift…and living with this knowledge front and center.


Each of these clairsenses are an attribute you were born with. How you experience them, is unique to you. Your earthly realm senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell – these are as unique to each one of us as there are birds in the sky. Same is true with your angelic clairsenses.

So spend a few moments this week thinking about how the clairsenses show up in your life. How are you already seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing your angels?

Because I know you already are on some level! 😉

I pray this gives you a good taste for angel communication.


Until next time…

With love,

Rev. Elvia Nina

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