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Announcements and Amping Up Angels in August

Hello sweet earth angel,

Wowsers, what a month it’s beenI The energy has been INTENSE and is stirring up all kinds of emotions and situations to help us heal.

If you prefer the video version of this message, click on the image below. Just remember to come back to the important links embedded in this message. 😉

When we are able to embrace and use the energy for what it is, we can tap into its power. When we fight or resist it, well…

I find one of the best ways to navigate pinchy energy is to stay focused on the upswing. What I mean by that is knowing that the blips are temporary and that as we align with our highest paths of service and love, we live our best life and do what we came here to do.

Which brings me to the following announcements:


Health, Wealth & Love with the Angels

This special announcement is tickling me to the core. For the first time in years, I am hosting an in-person retreat for women this September 22nd-23rd in Walpole, Massachusetts.

I believe that the often charged up topics of health, wealth and love are the keys to unlocking to much within us to discover purpose, joy and all that good stuff. Which is why I’m calling this weekend event:

Health, Wealth & Love with the Angels. A Breakthrough Weekend for Women.


Private Readings

I confessed on Facebook this past week that one of my superpowers is to be able to assess whether a couple is in harmony, or not. This ability transcends more than just relationships, although that was the focus of my FB post. I am quite easily able to get a read on any area of life and determine whether there is alignment. Any coaching and counsel that follows is always focused on empowering you to be stronger, more certain of self and ultimately to know what is right and best for you.

I’m still in the process of launching this and my schedule has been a bit tight, so for now I’m only offering 30 minute readings which are $100/session. Once you purchase a reading, my team or I will be in touch to schedule your session as quickly as possibly.

Yes, I’d like to purchase a 30 minute private reading


Coming up in August…

We’ll be amping it up with the angels next month! I have a special version of the Video Messages from the Angels in store for next week and then the remainder of the month I’ll be sharing 5 Tips for Partnering with the Angels.

Sound good?

Thank you beloved for being YOU!


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