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[Audio] Inner Child Meditation

Blessings to YOU, beautiful one!

First, I’m so glad you are here! 🙂

I’m excited to share with you a guided meditation that honestly just popped in earlier this week as I was sitting in our kitchen listening to the wind chimes right outside the back door. I bought them as a memorial after we had to put our 16 yo black lab Cali down two years ago. I often smile and think of her bright spirit when I hear them.

The intention of this meditation is to take you on a safe, insightful journey back to a point in your childhood so that the angels can help you see/gather/learn from this part of you that continues to live inside.

Click for Inner Child Meditation

The new moon and partial eclipse was Thursday, so the energies are particularly ripe for uncovering more about our deeper truths.

May you always know what is true for you.

xo Elvia

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