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Beliefs and an invitation…

Hello and autumn blessings, dear earth angel,

One of my spiritual mentors recently said that “the brain is constantly searching for validation of its beliefs.”

Good or not-so-good. Your brain (mine too) is desperately seeking to make sure its right.

To view the video version of this message, click on the image below:

What this means…

If you believe you are not worthy… if you believe you’re courageous… if you believe you’re beautiful… if you believe you’re overweight… the world, as processed through your brain and your filters, is going to try to prove those beliefs to be true.

But are these beliefs true?

Truth always aligns with love. So if your beliefs are fear based or self-deprecating, they are non-truths. As a dear friend of mine used to say, FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.

Your angels are constantly working to help you see yourself – and all beings – through the truthful eyes of pure love.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with many earth angels this past week and the one theme several of them had in common was… am I good enough? Makes me want to cry just thinking about it, because it’s so not true.

To help you create change and cleanse those inner beliefs with the help of your angels, I’d be honored to be your guide.

I’m starting a new session of our Angel Communication Masters™ certification training in less than two weeks with a cozy group of 12 so we can really dig in deep – and have fun doing it!

But, I only have a few spots left.

Here’s what I posted last week about what it means to be a Master of angel communication. A Master:

  • senses the presence of the angels in everyday life and knows how to harness their wisdom and guidance through a deep and profound relationship that touches every moment of every day
  • knows how to make decisions that are best for themselves and their loved ones, even when those decisions are really hard
  • stays open to all the Universe has to offer and leans heavily upon faith that all is in divine order…that life is happening for them, not to them
  • has a robust toolkit for dispelling the voice of the negative, spinning monkey mind, because that voice never really goes away. It just gets quiet by learning how to avoid giving it authority
  • has kind thoughts and words for everyone, even when a lot of deep breathing may be required before getting to that space
  • sees the angels as an extension of the highest self speaking with Source through their ongoing and ever-present love-based intuition. They understand that we are truly all One.
  • understands that the angels – and ALL our spirit allies – are our partners and here to help us with everything

Above all else, a Master of angel communication is always learning and accepts that Life is a journey. While being a Master means you and your angels are super cozy, life happens and there are still going to be challenges. These phases of Life are teaching and helping us to go even deeper into an understanding of ourselves and God.

So my question for you beloved is… are you feeling the nudge from your angels to become an AngelsTeach certified Angel Communication Master™?

Our 2018/2019 training begins October 11th and I am guided to accept only 12 students (with 8 slots already spoken for.)

If you are interested in learning more and are serious about improving your relationship with the angels to be in relationship with life with more ease, grace and a team of winged-allies at your back, I am currently scheduling 15 minute Discover What Mastery Can Do for You sessions. (Because it’s important – even essential – that you have a sense of how this could benefit YOU in YOUR life.)

This get acquainted session is a great way for you to get to know me better and get your questions answered. It’s also a way for me to see if you’d be a good fit as a student. I believe in soul contracts…do you think it’s possible we’re contracted to work together? I’d be honored to find out!

To schedule your free session, please click HERE.

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