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The Angel of Magic

Merry Merry Season of Light to you, dear angel lover! In addition to reaching through the ethers to offer you holiday hugs 🤗 , I’m guided to share a bit … Continued

By: Elvia Roe
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“This class has been truly fantastic in every way. I thought the general concept of a teleclass would be difficult, particularly for angel reading, but it has been so amazing. … Continued

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“From the very first class I was surprised and delighted to find that the Angels are around me and desiring to give me all the help and guidance I wish … Continued

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“I am 1/2 way thru the Angel Reading tele-class and I have to say I am feeling grateful in taking this every day. It has made me realize my talent … Continued

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“I’ve always wanted to connect to the highest and best source of information, source of love, represented in this class and perspective by the archangels. Rev. Nina provides lots of … Continued

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The Gift of Gratitude  By Rev. Nina Roe Have you ever opened your eyes to a new day and  felt, “Ugh!”?Have you felt anxiety about changes that are  entering into … Continued

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“The Angel Reading class has opened a new life for me, over and beyond my expectations. ‘Would you be comfortable recommending this class to a friend?’ Yes, very much so!!” … Continued

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“The Angel Reading class was a great intro to angel reading! It met my need to get exposure and practice. ‘Would you be comfortable recommending this class to a friend?’ … Continued

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“Nina is ‘the real deal’ a teacher of extraordinary compassion, insight, and knowledge. Her class helped me realize ways in which my own inner scripts about myself were harming me … Continued

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“Nina’s class made my spiritual abilities dance with joy to a higher level. She is gifted and compassionate and has a wonderful kind nature of teaching. Her classes are a … Continued

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“Rev. Nina is an instrument of Spirit who has reconnected me to the Angels. I’m learning to trust my intuition and to let go of the notion that I need … Continued

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