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Fertility. What does this word summon for you?

For many people, Fertility brings to mind procreation… or reproducing life.

If you believe that all of life comes forth from the depths of infinite creation, then Fertility is also about the conception of new ideas and of new beginnings. It’s a chance to allow whatever has been stirring in your subconscious to float up into your conscious thought so that you have the opportunity to manifest it into physical reality.

The Fertile Crescent is an area of land in the Middle East that is know for its fertile soil. It is also known as the “cradle of civilization” because it is the birthplace of ancient societies that have been pivotal in the evolution of human consciousness. The fertility of the Earth and the physical environment gave seed to the creation of great cultures.

Wherever you live, it is essential that you nurture the richness of your soil. Certainly this means caring for the flora and fauna in your life, but it also is about nourishing your “inner soil”. The Angels often remind me of the importance of body care for spiritual growth. In my meditation this morning, I had asked for help with maintaining greater structure in my life, and their response was to start with my body. To ensure that my self-care routine is never neglected – even for a day.

It is with the Fertility of the sacred soil of your body, mind and spirit that the abundance of creative thoughts can flow forth and make manifest.

Today carries the energy of new beginnings that bring forth transformation. Think of a baby in the birth canal…I can’t say I remember the experience, but it can’t have been easy, nor painless. Birth never is.

So allow the brilliance of your ideas to be born and recognize that whatever pain in your reality is simply part of the process. And know that this pain brings a very important gift that will change your life.

You have an enormous power to create! Be Blessed!

Much Love,
Rev. Nina and Your Angels

p.s. Happy 18th to my beloved daughter, Orlena – this is indeed a day of new beginnings for you! ;)…

From Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Master Oracle Cards

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