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God, Archangel Michael and Manifestation

Our 9-Day Manifest with the Angels Prayer event is just two weeks away. (It’s open to everyone, by¬†the way, and will be recorded for folks who can’t join us live. I’ll be sending event details in next Saturday’s email, so please feel free to forward and share it with your angel loving friends ūüôā )

As we prepare, it’s best to get clear with what it is you wish to create. I have two bits for you this week to support you with this process.

First, is my Create with Intention guided meditation to help you get in the flow of clarity. It’s just under 12 minutes long, so I suggest you get comfy, light a candle and cuddle up with your favorite blankie. If journaling is your thing, writing it out when your down helps to solidify what you’ve experienced.

Click on the image below and please enjoy Create with Intention

Second bit for you, my dear earth angel, is some wisdom I recently received. My BFF Archangel Michael came forward in evening meditation last Friday. I heard him say loudly, clearly and firmly, “This is the only time that God will remind you of this.” Okay…I listened.

“YOU are the Creator of your experience.”

While I understand this, the angels are helping with that 13 inch journey from the head to the heart, where we transform from understanding spiritual concepts mentally to integrating the truth into all of who we are.

The wisdom continued…

First, you project out gratitude –¬†deep gratitude –¬†over everything that lies before you.

Second, you get clear with what your soul desires. (The meditation should help with this!)

Third, you project gratitude for the manifestation of those soul desires.


May all your dreams come true, dear one!

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  1. Thank you for this event.
    My prayer request is for healing and financial abundance and security. I have multiple autoimmune diseases, chronic active mono- Epstein Barr, fibromyalgia, numerous allergies and digestive problems, celiac artery compression, TMJ, pelvic floor disfunction, INterstial cystitis. I am helping care physically and financially for both parents, one in assistive living and one in a nursing home. I only weigh 90 pounds( not because I don’t eat or don’t want to gain, but because I am sick and reacting foods, supplements etc) I am weak sick exhausted and in pain all the time and it seem to be getting worse. I recently fell down stairs and have a concussion and injured foot I can’t walk on. I feel helpless. My husband and I are financially devastated with no retirement fund and not enough money to pay for medical bills and are struggling to make ends meet. I feel I am a burden to my husband. I pray and meditate and do healing energy work daily and do my best to stay faithful and believe that all is as it should be. I try to remain positive but lately that is hard

    1. Dear Constance,
      We hold you in prayer for the health and the highest good. If you would like this prayer included when we share prayers during our 9-Day Manifest with the Angels Prayer event, just enter it using one of the upcoming webcast links you’ll find on the event page: //
      Blessings and much love to you, your husband, your parents and all affected.
      xo Elvis

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