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Your Soul’s True North…OR Dreaming with the Angels ;)

My dear earth angels,

As you may know, the angels’ #1 job is to get you living your best life – the one you came here to live.

When we talk about angel communication, we’re talking about hearing accurate guidance that helps you breakthrough the limitations that are in front of you right now. We’re talking about dreaming bigger than you currently can consciously. We’re talking about harnessing the angels’ magnificent power to dream as big as you can imagine.

Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Because knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

There was a story I heard many years ago. To be honest, I don’t recall the details, but I remember the essence of it well.

It was about a woman who dreamed of a magnificent golf vacation. She was not a gal of means, so she felt she was already setting her sights very high. In her vision, she was at a luxurious resort, not just with her beloved partner but also with a few of her closest friends. Every morning, she would go out and play a round with her fellow golf-loving buddies. She wanted this golf vacation to be something that she would remember for the rest of her life. She wanted it to be something she could look forward to while she worked at her everyday, pay-the-bills job.

At the time, this woman was working with a spiritual master who paused in silence when she shared this dream. After a few moments, the master said, “You’re limiting yourself. You’re believing that this dream is all that God has in store for you. You’re believing that the Universe is limited in what it can deliver to you.”

“Yes, I suppose that’s true,” she replied.

The spiritual master proceeded to ask, “What more do you want? You’re dreaming of a vacation that will last…what, a week? What is it that you really want your life to look like…to be? This isn’t necessarily about more money. It may be, or it may not be.

“This is very much, about complete satisfaction of the soul. This is about how you feel when every cell of your body is screaming YES! to your everyday life”

The woman scratched her head. This was hard for her. She thought she already was dreaming big. She never considered whether there was another path for her. She sat with this idea for a while to try and let a “bigger” manifestation of her life surface.

After sitting with the idea of a bigger dream for a few days, she was able to answer her spiritual master.

“What I’d like,” she said, “is to live the life I’m here to live. I’ve always had such a passion for golfing and I do it whenever I have the time and money. I especially love interacting with other players on the course and seeing how peaceful and happy they are, especially when the course is well maintained and the resort treats them respectfully. If I’m being honest, I’ve always wanted to own my own golf course. I’ve always wanted to create the kind of place where everyone has fun and feels happy and welcome.”

“Brilliant!” replied the spiritual master, “Let’s get started!” And he proceeded to coach his protege to refine her wording and create a prayer to recite daily that would set these manifestation energies into motion.

6 months later…an opportunity came forward for this dear woman. She was offered a job working as the manager of the golf resort golf course in a beautiful tropical location. But this wasn’t the totality of her big dream. As she sprinkled her passion, her magic on all her efforts at this new job, the people who came to play golf felt such joy. And they spread the word… Long story short, she went on to become a partner of the resort.

The moral of this story is…

When you allow your angels to lead you on the path of your biggest calling, opportunities are revealed. What you are capable of seeing – imagining – expands exponentially as you are led to your soul’s true north.


I’m going to be leading a 9-Day Manifest with the Angels Prayer event beginning February 2nd. Take some time between now and then to see how much bigger you can start to dream. Ask your angels to help and feel into your heart (this keeps you grounded and out of the ego), “If I could have anything my soul desires this year, it would be _________”.

Remember, 2018 is a year with the angels!

P.S. Not sure where to start with your dream? If there’s one thing you wish were different in your life, what would that be? Perhaps picking a card will help. 😉

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