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[Video Readings] Messages from the Angels – January 2018

A warm welcome to Angel Land, my dear earth angel!

One of the things I want to scream from the rooftops – and we emphasize here at AngelsTeach – is how to tune into and receive messages from the angels that come in everyday, ordinary situations.

Because the truth is – you are always in communication with your angels. It’s not like they show up some places and not others or at some times and not others. Your angels are always there.

Unfortunately, we were never taught angel communication and how to use our intuitive abilities in school, so we end up learning through the trials and errors of life.

Which is why I’m passionate about what we do here, because I want you to feel that connection with your intuition and know your angels inside and out.

As you watch this month’s Messages from the Angels video, listen to your angelic intuition. What do you see, hear, feel and know?

Click HERE or on the image below…

Please be sure to post any comments and/or questions under the video on YouTube. I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. True and complete angel communication is about diving in. If you had to go a little deeper and pull out one more angel message from this video, what would it be, dear one?

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