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Message from a Street Sweeper

I’ve recently been overtaken by the anti-clutter-get-rid-of-stuff-not-needed angels. They make it hard to rest – lol! Bags and boxes of angel card decks, books, candles, pictures, tons of clothes, kitchen supplies, furniture – all of it out of here if it didn’t pass my strict litmus tests of, “Is there a universe in which I will ever use this? And, more importantly, do I love it?

Trips to Salvation Army, the dump, the post office to mail things to folks out of town and local friends stopping by to pick up pieces they’d like.

This has been my Spring. The Great Purge of 2017 🙂

So what’s with the street sweeper? Actually there’ve been two of them, so technically, we’re talking street sweeperS…and two messages.

Background: every spring, our town – like most up north – clean the streets to get the sand and dust from the winter off the road. In the past, our town owned a sweeper and we’d see it come by ONCE each direction. Then not again until the next year.

This year, however, has been quite different. Apparently we’ve contracted out and there are two sweepers working the neighborhood. And they’ve been coming around for the past 4 days at least once/day. (Our streets oughtta be sparkling by now!)

Because of this change, this anomaly, I knew it was a message from the angels. There was that magnetism to the situation which we’ve come to know and love 😉 So, I asked…

Message #1 – swept clean, a clean slate, a new beginning – it’s here and we’re doubly ready. I’m doubly ready. Nice!

Message #2 – I cower a little at this one, because it speaks to one of my uglier habits. I’ll get things 90% there – really well organized, tidy, beautiful…and then I allow a little dumping ground. It could be a closet, a bookcase or even an entire room. Somehow, I focus on the beauty I’ve created and am able to completely ignore any residual mess. Not this year, so sayeth my angels. It’s time to take care of ALL the bits of chaos that have crept into our home. Sigh. Okay, I’m on it angels! Thank you!

And there you have it – messages from your angels are all around you and come from many different situations, people, things, etc… Pay attention and notice what’s there for YOU!

I love you and BE Blessed! xo

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