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Not me too…Or, the Re-birth of AngelsTeach

There’s a sharing that’s gone viral on Facebook, perhaps you’ve seen it. It starts with “Me too” from the person posting and then continues with cut/pasted statistics from the CDC about sexual abuse and coercion.

I started this post earlier and was all about the new AngelsTeach. It’s been a long time coming…like really long. And I’m over -the-moon excited! I also can’t overlook the rather MAJOR angel wink – the site is launching with a whole new look while this theme of exposure is going viral. It gets my core burning and summons my inner warrioress with each brave soul who stands up and speaks out. (I bow to you as you are speaking out. Our world needs more of this truth. And if you were mistreated and aren’t yet ready or guided to share, know others are raising awareness on your behalf.)

Thankfully, I was never sexually abused or coerced to do anything beyond my will. Plenty of stupid stuff happened – some really stupid, actually – but I am 100% responsible. So this unearthing from so many bold, beautiful women and men sharing their pain and stories…is shocking, humbling and, again, an emphasized message about the work that needs to be done.

AngelsTeach is wearing a gorgeous new website, thanks to Rachel Dunham of, and we can pause a brief moment (maybe two) to celebrate.

And then it’s time to get on with our work at hand. Healing the world. Creating peace on earth. Speaking the truth in love. Holding ourselves and each other in the higher light of divinity.

Two other angel “winks” suggesting our return to love – at least with respect to AngelsTeach’s role…

First, today is 9 Ajpuu in the Mayan Cholqij calendar. 9 is the high vibration of the female and Ajpuu is male energy, the leader and spiritual warrior. I see these energies as the Mother Father God expression coming together to heal the gender division that so many are feeling.

Second – way more subtle (many angel messages are) – a Christmas cactus I brought back from my mother’s apartment when we were moving her things out last spring, has just started to blossom. My mother is showing her support from the other side and whispering in my ear what I often hear her say, “Do what you came here to do.”

And so I am.

Love someone deeply today. We all need it. Our world needs it.

Final thoughts. These notes just found their way onto my laptop from some of our inner circle peeps…
“Community! From the very first day AngelsTeach has represented the bringing together of like minded people who can share and grow on our spiritual journey through this physical world. An unconditional, loving spiritual home IS AngelsTeach.”

We all need that place where we feel safe, loved and supported in all things. YOU have an angel home here as it feels right to you. Whether here or somewhere else, that is my prayer for you – that you have a spiritual home to nurture and nourish your tender soul.

Enjoy the new website and don’t forget to pick a card from the new Guidance Now page!

With so much love,
xo Elvia

If you’d like to learn more about Rachel Dunham’s work, visit
If you’re curious to see more about the Mayan energies – perhaps see the energy of your own birthdate! – visit

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  1. Sooooooo happy to be able to pick a card from the New Guidance Now page, the wisdom therein is fanstastic, thanks a lot Elvia, and greetings from Colombia in south-america

    (I love angels teach !)


    1. Thank you so much Manny! I am thrilled that you are enjoying the new site and are using the Guidance Now page – yayayay!!! Hugs and greetings back to you from Massachusetts! xoxo

    2. Hi Manny,
      My name is Johanna and I “stumbled” upon your message this evening and couldn’t help but notice that you are in Colombia. I have a nephew who left Venezuela to live in Colombia to find a better life for himself and his family. I would love to chat sometime if you are open to new friendships.
      It’s very nice to meet you here at our beloved Rev. Elvia’s Angelteach community, :)…(although she would say it belongs to all of us :).


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