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The Solar Eclipse, Global Events & Love

Yesterday we had the horrific attacks in Spain. Today, there is more violence in Finland. Tomorrow, more alt-right rallies are anticipated here in the U.S. And of course, this is not even the half of it.

For the past 48 hours, I’ve felt a cloud over the coming 10 days. Nothing specific, just events that are hidden from view. I’m sure others are feeling similar angst. Just about every Lightworker on the planet is thinking to themselves, “What can I do?” How can I help create a positive, peaceful outcome here?”

I myself have been pacing…doing things to stay busy. I had a powerful meditation with a great effect that lasted about an hour. Then I began to wander around again.

The eclipse, I’m sure you know, is this coming Monday. Of course these amping up energies span more than just the eclipse and it’s all connected. I’ve asked the angels how we can best leverage this powerful point in celestial history and impact the outcome.


Seems too simple. Corny even. My snarky side murmurs, “Seriously? That’s it?”

The angels maintain…love. But in a new way. Or perhaps not new, but forgotten.


Love is meant to be this unconditional, no opposites, freeing with a depth charge of truth experience.

All too often (myself included) we think to ourselves, “I’ll love you, but you need to _____”. Or, “I can’t love you unless you do what I want, think how I want, behave how I want.”

This isn’t real love.

The full expression of love involves acceptance and forgiveness. Even for heinous, deceitful and treacherous acts.

Real love sees only love. That’s what “seeing through God’s eyes” is all about.


I get it. This is hard. And it doesn’t mean that we don’t stand up for what we believe in or speak out against actions that are hurtful – we must. We must also forgive and insist on love.

In the end, we will only get to that peaceful outcome if we outsmart our own demons that want revenge and release our own hatred, disgust and fear…and forgive.

Forgive ourselves. Love ourselves.

Forgive all others. Love all others.


Wherever our emotions and egos carry us, we must always return to love.


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  1. I agree…love. But I also wonder exactly how that looks? Today, through my mind’s ear, I suddenly heard, ‘Invite a white supremacist to lunch.” I laughed, as of course I would. But really tt’s not a laughing matter. Or is it? If we keep it light, and perhaps a little silly, is it easier to stay in a place of love? I’m asking because I really don’t know.
    So many people feel alone. And we are living in such interesting times where so much darkness is being dredged up. And we know that that is so it can be transmuted into light. But in the meantime, how does one truly and sincerely love and value all?
    I do think that we are really being called to search deeply. At least I know that I am.
    Thanks Elvia and angels. Big Pondering. x

    1. I love this Barb! Great points and thank you so much for sharing! You’ve got me thinking more deeply about this and inspiring some followup to come 🙂

      Putting real Love into action can be really hard to envision and truly know what to do moment to moment on the earth plane. I think in many ways it comes down to breaking habitual thinking that has been there for a long time. And because it’s been there so long, it’s like an old friend – comforting and sometimes hard to recognize as separate from us.

      Anyways, deeply appreciate this – and thanks for the giggle as I had a vision of you inviting a white supremacist to lunch – I’d love to be a fly on the wall. 😉

  2. The absurdity of any being or any group thinking they are supreme! Either we all are supreme or none are. I pray for enlightenment for terrorists and all who are so very deluded. Spirit is clear, pure, invisible(or visible as all beings) and yet the most powerful in love and compassion. That is Supreme! I have felt the need to discount the egos calling themselves supremacists so now I have. I feel better, lol…:)

    Do we dare believe that God, Supreme Intelligence, is still in charge? That this horror all over the world is to serve a divine purpose? Believing that God is all powerful and everywhere present at all times is my comfort. I do believe it. I do that which is mine to do which includes prayer for the highest and best good for every being and believing that my work and prayers are important to the outcome. I still believe that there’s more good than evil and this “free-will thing” …well perhaps God made a mistake trusting us with that? Perhaps this might be a good time to reconsidered. (said in jest but not sure….)

    1. Love your thoughtful wisdom shared here Jo! All this is a heart bender for sure. I’ve found paying less attention to the ugly stuff and more attention to the loving things has helped enormously. Though it feels like a delicate balance, because we can’t live with our heads in the sand. I agree that “believing that God is all powerful and everywhere present at all times” is a comfort…for me, it feels like the greatest expression of Truth.

      Who knows what the “grand plan” truly is…I guess I find a sense of foundation with the belief that this is all serving a divine purpose. It certainly is waking up the Lightworker community with a major call to action…maybe we needed this to move to a greater experience of Love and to be more conscious about choosing Love in every action…every moment?

      I’m sure your prayers are making a difference and it’s wonderful to see/hear so many doing just that – praying for the highest and best good for all beings.

      Love you! xo

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