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Celebrating 60

Happy new season earth angels!

My message this week is a little different, because…well… I turn 60 on Wednesday.

This has been a harder one for me. The only other time a birthday bothered me was when I turned 39. I am usually all about birthdays (as you’ll see soon with AngelsTeach turning 14 on April 1st!) – but this one has required some digging deep and some healing to harvest a fresh perspective.

It’s a work in progress, but I’m way better than I was a few weeks ago. AND, I know I’ll be better than ever very soon, because since last year, the angels have been whispering that when I turn 60, I’ll be at my best (thank you angels! 😇)

One of the things birthdays serve to do is to give us a vantage point for reviewing life.

Through this lens and reflecting on my now 60 years walking in this body on this planet, here are the most golden of nuggets from what I’ve learned, what I’m still learning and what I’m celebrating.

I have learned…
…to be gentle with myself. That the pressure and expectations from the adults in my childhood to be someone other than me…was false guidance. The get better grades, look better dressed, stop being so loud, be guarded about expressing too much exuberance for life, adapt to fit in, don’t talk about your family or your feelings, put up a good front because life is hard…none of that is valid or relevant. None of it.

These adults were well meaning and the lessons were necessary. Sometimes, I am still triggered by these spaces and places that have left marks on my inner terrain. When that happens, I know to be gentle with the scarred little girl inside and love her up, down and all around.

I remind her, “You are beautiful, whole and complete. Your scars tell the story of where you’ve been and mark a profound journey. You are beautiful, whole and complete.”

I have learned…
…to be very, very careful not to make assumptions and to be gentle in my interactions with other people, whoever they are. Too many times I have assumed that a person did this or that for a reason that I believed to be true. And then learned that it wasn’t true.

We’re all walking around with scarred little children inside. We are called to be the embodiment of compassion and let go of judgement. It’s impossible to fully know the Truth that lies in another’s heart.

I have learned…
…that I am as powerful as I knew I was when I was 4 years old lying in the tall grass behind our house in the late afternoon sun with the scent of nearby daffodils in the air and staring at the clouds — knowing I was perfect, whole and very, very connected.

Connected to who I am. In love with who I am.

My entire path since then has been to fall away from that truth…and journey back to that truth.

I am still learning…
…to trust. My angels whisper that this is the entirety of the human experience – the act of trusting through remembrance. Remembering the divine forces that are always there to help and guide the way. 24/7. Every breath. Always.

I am still learning…
…to accept Life exactly as it shows up. I too struggle sometimes with circumstances that present in the moment – our daughter’s fractured wrist, job insecurity experienced by loved ones, my own aches of this maturing vessel, a kitten with sharp teeth that hurt and trigger an unwanted reaction. Again, this is a journey, not a destination.

Where there is learning, there is purpose.

And finally, I am celebrating!
I am celebrating a life well created, full of so many good things. A life lived in partnership with the angels – one that continues to unfold and reveal new adventures and opportunities that bring me deeper into my experience with Source.

A life that is so much richer because of AngelsTeach and all the beautiful souls that have gathered around Her.

From this space, I am filled with love, gratitude and appreciation for you!

Thank you for being here, thank you for being YOU and thank you for sharing this birthday moment with ME! 🥳

So much love from my heart to yours.

xo Elvia

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  1. This writing brought me to tears. I will be 60 on 4/1/21. I had no idea we were so close. I had similar difficulties with the adults in my life who didn’t get my differences.

    1. Ohhhh, my fellow Aries friend! Wow, yes – very close. I pray your life path has brought you some resolution with those differences…which are also your superpower. While I may not have seen you in a long while, I do remember the bright light you always were in school. Be blessed my friend and happy early birthday!

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