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Reflecting on the soul

Full moon blessings, dear ones!

With the light of Luna shining so brightly on our souls, this is a beautiful moment to reflect on our task as carriers of the light and consider, How are our souls faring?

When taken out of the context of this specific incarnation and through the lens of the entirety of the soul’s evolution, How is your soul progressing?

My observation is that many of us are struggling to keep our collective act together. Understandably, it’s been an intense stretch.

The sense of responsibility to keep the world in a harmonious, peaceful place can often feel like drinking from a fire hose. Overwhelming. 

We want to do more. And more. And more…

When in fact, we’re in need of a tremendous amount of gentleness for ourselves, with downtime. And be truthful about how we’re really feeling.

I had planned to launch a promotion of our Living with the Angels™ membership today, but I still need to put together a few things before I can officially do that.

My ego was nudging, “But we’ve got to do it. That’s the plan!” (That voice familiar to you?)
My higher self replied, “I know, but it’s not ready and the energy isn’t here to finish those pieces. Patience. It will happen when it’s meant to happen.”
And so I release and wait in faith.

We are shifting out of the forceful energy of making things happen into the easy flow of surrendering to guidance.

Because we’re still in transition with this, we remain like salmon swimming up stream.

We want to create change and there’s an inclination to push it, to will it.
Yet, we are growing in awareness of the fact that this is not how the true manifestation process works.

True manifestation grows from a place of self love, faith and allowing divine forces to work through you, not from you.
So much love from my heart to yours.

xo Elvia

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