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Chasing the darkness

As I was meditating in the late afternoon sun, I found myself eyes closed – and squinting. A part of me wanted to move my chair into the shade and avoid the abundance of light that was shining upon me. And I wondered, “Why? It’s late enough that I won’t burn and the sun feels soooo good!” You know how you want to treasure the summer evenings when you can feel fall starting to makes its presence known…

And the answer the Angels gave me was, “The darkness is familiar. You can examine the parallels with life, but the fact is, you have been indoors most of your adult life and the sun is less familiar than the shade.” This notion fascinates me, so Chasing the darkness is a theme I will be exploring over the next several weeks. I hope you enjoy these musings inspired by the Angels!

Towards the end of my meditation today, I was given visions of farmers working in the fields with an unwavering understanding that the sun is the essence of their being. Without the sun, there are no crops, there is no food, there is no life. They know this with every cell of their being.

In our modern society, we have been so removed from the source of what sustains us. When we eat a bowl of rice, how often do we think about where it came from, the farmers that cared for it and harvested it, the packagers who made sure it got to us in usable form, the distributor who brings it from one place to another and then the store that makes it available. And when we eat teriyaki chicken (guess what I’m cooking our son for dinner!), how often do we think about the chicken itself and how it was raised. And the farmers who cared for it, and so on as the rice example?

To live from a place of consistent gratitude, it is essential to pause and recognize all the efforts involved in keeping us alive day to day. Next time you eat a meal, take a moment to give thanks to all the forces that brought this food to you…the people, the equipment & supplies, Mother Earth with all her powerful elements, and, of course, Mr. Sun.

Blessings of Love and Big Hugs,

Rev. Nina and Your Angels

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