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Avoid the void

Peter’s channel from the Angels this morning was that there is a fresh energy coming in today – not so much new, but an older vibration that is coming in greater presence to fill in the “voids”. Those voids, otherwise known as our fears, doubts and struggles against the tides of change, are holes we fall into when we are not in alignment with our soul’s purpose. And sometimes we trip up in subtle ways and don’t even know it.

Today has indeed been an interesting day. On the personal front, both Peter and I have felt progress forward and then a slight tripping over a “void”. And how do we know we hit one of these potholes? Late this afternoon, I spent a half hour writing a post for all of you. When I went to publish it, it disappeared. Despite the “draft saved” message I received 20 times while I was writing, there was no draft to be found. My post slipped into a “void”. 

And Peter spent about 2 hours trying to fix an electric fence to protect our chickens from a hungry Mr. Fox who comes by at night to hunt. He followed his guidance (well almost!) and did what he thought he could to remedy the situation with help from the Angels. But no, a sneaky little void came upon him and after several attempts to plug in the fence and have it work, nothing happened. 

Perhaps the Angels would have prefered that instead of writing the post that I take a moment to have my tea with a book that’s been beckoning me instead of pushing to get everything done. And maybe Peter was meant to take a swim. Or, maybe I just needed the opportunity to write about how even those of us who are very tuned in, still experience daily challenges. The Angels will tell me tomorrow, I’m sure…

This has been a day of moving forward, slipping backwards and then moving forward again. If you have felt the effects of this slightly jerky ride today, fear not…you are in good company!

All my love to you and beware of the “voids” (I can hear my kids saying a dramatic da! da! da!)

Rev. Nina

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