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Chasing the darkness – you create what you desire

I was chatting with a dear friend yesterday who has been concerned about her money situation. Her husband works all the time and she is finding her own beautiful path with her life’s purpose and contributes to the household income. It struck me when she said, “I only want enough to pay our bills with a little left over for playtime and vacations.” And that is exactly how they live…

My response was, “I want more…I want to be rich!” I like to shock people with statements like this, because it invariably gets a reaction that generates healthy conversation. To say, “I want to be rich” brings up LOTS of emotions for most of our population of healers who have experienced abundance as a painful subject.

But think for a moment…if you were rich, what would you do with the money? Perhaps you would buy the new car you’ve been eyeing and paint the house that’s been peeling for a couple of years and maybe even schedule that much needed vacation you’ve been dreaming about. But then, when there’s more money to go around, you would give it away to organizations you believe in. You would help family. You would use your money to make the world a better place.

You create what you desire. And whether you want to accept it or not, in our society, money provides the freedom to make choice…to truly create without significant boundaries. OF COURSE, it is ESSENTIAL to stay grounded and aligned with your soul. We all know that the power that comes with money can excite the ego and create great challenges. But when you choose from your heart…when you give from your heart…and when you receive from your heart – you leave the world in a better place than when you arrived.

This Labor Day Weekend, think about what you truly desire – what your soul is screaming to create – and then choose from your heart to bring that into your reality. Do not be afraid of the abundance that will come your way – it is your birthright.


Amethyst Wings by Toni Carmine Salerno
Amethyst Wings by Toni Carmine Salerno



This card has come forward today with a message that as you chase your darkness, the light within you shines more brightly.
Blessings of Love and Angel Hugs, Rev. Nina
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