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Dear Mercury Retrograde, you’ve brought me to my knees

Hello dear earth angel and blessings of the new season!

AngelsTeach turns 11 tomorrow (April 1st) and in the spirit of birthdays and new beginnings, I am trying something different and sharing this message in video form for those of you who prefer that experience. Click HERE and enjoy!

Anyone with a pulse is likely aware that Mercury is retrograde and giving us a dance with certain kinds of energy.

My MO when Mercury is gifting us with these energies is to not give the challenges that can occur any energy. While this is still my default setting, this particular phase of Mercury retrograde in Aires has given me reason to bow a little deeper to the mystery that these vibrations deliver for us all.

Here’s my why from what’s been happening this week in the hood…

Our family is in the midst of lots of transitions – all good ones, but change always brings a sprinkling of upheaval with it. Both of our children got new jobs that have started within a month of each other. Our son just moved back from Tokyo and needed to get hooked up with a new car, phone, etc… Our daughter now has to commute 45-60 minutes each way from her apartment in Philly and her 10 year old Honda Fit wasn’t going to go the distance. Long story short, she is taking my car and I bought a new one.

Two new cars in one week…during Mercury Retrograde.

Now there’s a message about all these changes involving cars that symbolize moving forward and I’m noticing the number 4 pop up a few times within this story (a message about foundation), but there are also the lessons to be learned around making contracts during MR.

I admit, I was in my head wanting to look at cars on my birthday last Saturday. I could have waited a week or two, but I didn’t. Our son on the other hand, had a clear vision and while I was car shopping with him, I knew he had spot-on guidance. Everything flowed easily with his big purchase and he picked up his wheels yesterday without one hitch.

For my transaction…well, because I was more in my head than my heart with respect to timing, the angels of MR taught me well.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles in our state did a major technology upgrade and was completely offline. For 4 days.

Then the insurance company informed us that they stop processing account changes at 3pm. My appointment to pick up the car was at 3pm.

Bottom line…it took 4 trips to the dealership to get everything settled. And I’m still not sure all is settled.

Other debacles this past week…

  • the EZ pass was left in the car we traded in
  • the Student Manuals for the upcoming training are delayed because the print shop last minute had to close for a day. (Not a big deal, but still MR doing its thing.)
  • sizable communication glitch via email between two close family members + other random communication mishaps on both the business and homefront
  • our son’s new phone number seems to also belong to someone else

I’m guessing you may have your own stories to share here as I’ve heard of many who have felt the pinch this month.

While at times teeth clenching, I honestly welcome it when I’m a little off and it seems my guidance gives me a challenge. It’s fertile ground for learning and our winged friends are great for helping us break down and decipher the gifts.

This Mercury Retrograde has reminded me how important it is to stay in the flow and fathom how impactful the universal energies can be on all of us.

Chrissie Blaze from Mercury Retrograde writes…”when Mercury Retrograde is in Aries, it’s time to turn your outward-looking gaze inward on yourself. What do you see? If you’re honest, it’s unlikely that you’re perfect; perhaps there are rough edges, or perhaps the way you project yourself is ruffling feathers and not doing you much good. Focus on yourself, your impression you make, and refine what you see. Upgrade your image – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Mercury Retrograde is now preparing you for a more effective leadership style in the future. It’s time to be brave and courageous, but not impulsive and foolhardy. You may be tempted to start new things; instead, revise what’s already in your life and look carefully before you leap. If you begin something now, you may end up where you don’t want to be. If your life is complex and entangled, it’s a great time to unravel the knots and streamline. Aim for speed, clarity of focus, simplicity, and confidence; get all your ducks in a row. Find solutions for unresolved issues that are slowing you down.” Thank you Chrissie for that empowering and insightful piece of wisdom!

It’s easy to live in the muggle mind with the idea that we are individuals doing our individual work. But we aren’t. We are CONSTANTLY in partnership not just with our angels, but with every energetic force that is hitting our planet. The question then becomes – are we working with it or against it.

Our angels help us navigate this territory. Truth be told, a part of be believes I was guided to have this experience because I needed this reminder and to learn more about this magical, mystical experience we call life.

Until next time…
Much love,

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