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Exposé – Sneaky Ego Trick #2: Can YOU make a difference?

Heartfelt blessings, dear ,

Today I’m guided to share with you the second of my Sneaky Ego trick series dusted off from the archives. If you didn’t see the first one posted a few weeks ago on the topic of: the ego LOVES to make things complicated!, it’s on the blog.


The synchronicities are so beautiful when you can stand back and watch them. This second ego trick is one I’ve been wrestling with personally this week. Please know, I do understand that I can make a difference and plug into that every day, BUT I also know I am inclined to hide and play small. Not my destiny and something I’ve been continuing to work through.

Perhaps you are feeling it too. I’ve seen posts on both Instagram and Facebook from women sharing that these past few weeks have been intense as they feel called to go BIGGER. The energy for this appears to be happening.

Deep breath.

And it’s for good reason. It’s time to help humanity evolve.

Please read on for Sneaky Ego Trick #2…


Exposé – Sneaky Ego Trick #2: You can’t make a difference

This is SO NOT TRUE!!!

We, the Lightworkers of the world, are here to create change. And each one of us plays a role in this change. Yes, for some it’s a smaller role than for others, but it’s still essential, because you never know the impact you can have by touching the heart of just one person.

YOU, my sweet , are needed!


Yogi Bhajan stated as one of the 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age, “Vibrate the Cosmos; the Cosmos shall clear the path.”

Again, “Vibrate the Cosmos; the Cosmos shall clear the path.”

Ultimately, each of us has to show up and do what we came here to do. As we align, everything we need appears and all obstacles are removed.

I witness many earth angels who cave to the ego influences and give excuse after excuse for why something can’t be done. It’s not good enough. I’m not ready. I can’t afford what it requires to make it happen. I don’t have time. I don’t have everything I need. And on…

I’ve been there myself, so I totally get it. And if this is you, I hold you in a gentle, firm embrace and say…

You are good enough.

You are ready.

You have everything you need. Right here. Right now.

Your ego will tell you otherwise and your job is to say, “Neh dear ego…not today. I’m here to do my part to change the world. I can make a difference and I AM!”


Your job is to pray…

I’m here to love all life with a pure heart.

I’m here to pray every single day for an abundant, healthy and compassionate world.

I’m here to believe in myself and do whatever it takes to lovingly tuck away my sneaky, silly, snarky ego voice and follow my angels’ guidance so that I can do what I came here to do.

Deep down, I know that I have what I need. I know that I am good enough. In fact, I am more than good enough, I am perfect and whole.

Deep down, I believe in my connection with the sacred life force. I have faith.

Deep down, I trust God and my angels.

This is my truth. This is who I am. This is my prayer.

And so it is.


If it happens that you’re not clear about what you’re here to do, that’s okay!

All you need do is make the decision with 100% of your being that you want the clarity and that you’ll listen to your angels to figure out what it is.

It all begins with your decision.

Say yes…to you, to your highest path of purpose, to align with the Cosmos and vibrate with it.

“Vibrate the Cosmos; the Cosmos shall clear the path.”


As each of us aligns with our path, we vibrate with the Cosmos. And we clear the path to love.

YOU my dear , play an integral role in clearing the path.

YOU are exactly what our world needs to create change. Yes, you.

YOU, working in partnership with your angels, hold the key to our future.

And I say… Go Team Angels!

Because together, we can clear the path to love.

So please join me and say yes…to whatever it is that is calling your soul.

YOU CAN make a difference!

Right here. Right now.



Until next time…
xo Elvia

blog photo cred: Becca Tapert

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  1. Thank you for resurrecting this post from the past! It hit home for me as I have been in the throws of this ego trick for several months. This post was enough to jolt me back to my lightworker roots. I signed up for this journey, as much as I dislike it at times! So, time to quit whining and start being who I came here to be. For me, the key is listening to my guidance when it tells me to rest. (Probably one of my hardest lessons.) When I push too hard or don’t get the rest I need, the ego takes that opportunity to start yapping. However, if I stay strong physically, it is much easier to keep my vibration up and my ability to receive guidance open. Again, thank you for sharing!

    1. I’m so glad this message touched you Sherry! For some reason, just seeing now (March 8th), so trusting you’ll receive my reply EXACTLY when you need to read it. 😉

      YOU are so needed on this planet and YES, it’s time to pull it together and not let things get in the way. And part of that, is knowing when to rest, because it’s your ego that’s pushing through when that’s not in alignment with your guidance.

      Love you sweetie!

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