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How do you know if it’s love?

Hello sweet earth angels!

Relationships are one of the most precious and often most excruciating aspects of life as a human being. When we get along swimmingly with our loved ones, all is grand. When the energy is amped up and we are triggered, well… you know how that goes.

We just finished our Healing Family with the Angels 9-day Prayer. We had close to 200 earth angels gathering from across the globe representing New Zealand, Canada, UK, Italy, Australia, Nicaragua, France, Japan, Switzerland, all over the US and possibly more – like a big earth angel hug around the planet focused on family!


So what about love? How do you know if a relationship you’re involved in is actually a loving one?

I’m inspired to write about this for two reasons…

First, relationships are a HUGE part of life and our work with the angels. Even our ongoing dialogue and connection with the angels is a type of relationship. But today, we’re focused on the people relationships.

Second, I’ve been listening to our son and his Japanese wife chatting on the phone constantly for the past year. They applied for her visa 15 months ago and it was just approved on Thursday (lots of happy dancing in the Roe household!)

Our son moved back to the US last April to get established with a higher paying job and has been living with us. Ayumi was here last summer and Theron went to Tokyo for a month over the holidays. Other than that, they have been apart for over a year.

And when they are on the phone,

The giggling…

The talking about absolutely nothing…

The hours and hours of simple. Connection.

They are soul mates. 100%. And we’re hosting a wedding celebration here at our little farm in August. I can’t help but share… their love is infectious! 🙂


Years ago Peter and I went into Boston for our anniversary. We walked into this little metaphysical shop on Newbury Street. We were chatting with the owner and at one point he scrunched up his face into an agonized look and asked “How do you know if it’s love?” He was in a relationship and just wasn’t sure it was right for him.

My reply was, “Because doubt has no home. It may surface for a brief moment, but it never takes root.”


I’ve realized that one of the ways I am here to serve is to shed light on relationship situations. I seem to have been born with an ability to see straight into the Truth of what’s going on between two souls. With a boat load of help from my angels, of course.

If you would like insight into a relationship (and it doesn’t have to be romantic), I’m offering…

20% off 30 minute readings through Wednesday, June 5th, when our daughter-in-law moves to the US.

***An $80 investment that could change your whole life.

Click HERE to purchase your 30-minute reading.

I look forward to doing all in my power to bring harmony to you and your loved ones.


Until next time…

xo Elvia

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