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Immediate Forgiveness


A sizeable topic to dig into mid-summer, but always appropriate and the angels insist… 😉

I invite you to roll the taste of “forgiveness” around in your mouth for a moment. How does it feel, dear earth angel?

Does the notion of forgiveness make you anxious? Peaceful? Immediately connected with God and the angels? On edge? Another feeling? 

Your relationship with forgiveness – right now – is a pretty good indicator of how much forgiveness is waiting to be had in this moment. In other words, if reading about forgiveness makes you antsy, there’s someone you need to forgive, including yourself.

It’s okay. Your angels are here to help you through this and you will feel SO much better when you get to the other side of the release.

If this concept of forgiveness puts you at ease, you are in a good space with forgiveness either because you’ve developed healthy forgiveness habits (kudos to you) and/or because you’ve recently been through a healing.

During our Release Limiting Beliefs 28-day journey earlier this summer, forgiveness became a prominent theme. No surprise really. Wherever there is healing, there is forgiveness.

At one point the angels delivered the concept of Immediate Forgiveness. Their brilliant advice was to shift into a mindset that as soon as there is hurt and pain – forgive, instantly.

Sounds simple, yes? It is! And profoundly powerful.


I was at my father’s last night for dinner with two of my brothers and my honey, Peter. Salmon with fresh pesto, wild rice and broccoli – yum!

As nice as it was to be together, my Dad – the sweet guy that he is – was bugging me. I couldn’t shake it.

We’ve had a long road caring for him and it’s been a year since my stepmother passed from a gruesome journey with cancer. That – on top of my role as primary care manager for my mother (intense lately), helping our children through some summertime “bumps”, uncertainty about where we need to live to best help all AND care for our own needs, etc… my patience had been rapidly thinning.  

I’d actually been in a good space (thank you angels!), but when I heard from my brother that my 93-year old Dad with oxygen and a walker is going out on a “date”… well that was my tipping point and I basically ignored him for most of the night.

I closed the door on the evening with a knowing that something within me needed to shift.

It’s difficult caring for parents who have stepped into the role of child because self-care has become impossible. All kinds of “stuff” comes up – for all of us! Fertile ground for healing and spiritual evolution. When we are triggered, however, it’s essential to resolve it ASAP.

Enter Immediate Forgiveness.

Asking my angels to help me resolve this situation completely and immediately, I was guided to call my Dad and say exactly what I was feeling. And invite him out to lunch. 🙂

It went something like this… “Dad, sorry I was grumpy and a little off last night. When I heard that you’re looking at this dinner with your friend as a date, it got a little weird for me and I think it is for all of us [children]. But ultimately we just want you to be happy. Since you and I are open and honest with each other, I wanted to apologize and share what I was feeling.”

He didn’t say a whole lot in response, but that’s his style. I know he understood and appreciated the honesty. I know I felt a whole lot better. Weight lifted.

I’m also taking him to lunch next Monday. 🙂


We humans can feel the need to punish ourselves, often unknowingly. We carry around the burden of hurt that wears us down.

Sometimes it’s because we don’t feel deserving of forgiveness. Sometimes it’s because we don’t know that there’s an alternative. Sometimes it’s because we believe that forgiveness has to be a long, drawn out process. It doesn’t.

Forgiveness can be immediate.


I realize the story I shared about my father is a simple one and that many relationships are far more involved with more to work through. My angels insist that forgiveness can still be immediate. If – and only if – you are ready to let go of the burden.

Not always easy, but always safe with the angels by your side. And what a relief!

Is there someone in your life you need to forgive right now, dear one? 

Go ahead – Ask your angels to help you resolve any disharmony and embrace the forgiveness that’s waiting for you. Immediately. You deserve it!


On another note…

If you haven’t had a chance to have a little F-U-N and receive a message from the angels, please enjoy this month’s video Messages from the Angels

Click HERE or on the image below…


Until next time…

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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  1. As I read this post, I’m reminded of my own father and his last years in a nursing home. It was a very challenging time but a time God and the angels helped me us through until his passing in 2007. Then a few years later mom got sick and taking care of her, even though through her short illness was so so hard, I can look back even now and feel grateful that she is no longer in pain, but watching over me and guiding me every step of the way. It very difficult to lose a parent, but thank God for Grace which always carries us through.

    Thank you for this post Rev. Elvia, as I hold immediate forgiveness in my heart and make room for more and more love and understanding, a treasure my mom passed on to me. I will always be grateful to her for showing me that sometimes there is nothing to forgive.

    Love and gratitude,


    1. So glad this message resonated for you Johanna! Not an easy time, for sure. Although as you seem to understand, it is rich with wisdom and intense experiences of love…and forgiveness.

      Be blessed dear one and thank you for sharing!
      With love,
      Rev. Elvia

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