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Robin Williams, Indigo royalty and angelic ally

Robin Williams. It’s hard to know where to go from here, because his name is such a statement in and of itself.

Elements of this article have been circling within me since dawn. Writing is how I process “the big things.” And today, I need to write.

So many Why’s…

This is one of those events that pushes my belief system against the wall as I scream, Really? Can I keep on believing and teaching that ‘It’s all good’, that ‘If you follow your heart, everything falls into place and you’ll be happy’? Robin certainly did what he loved…

Why God? Why angels?

I suspect many of us are feeling similarly today, dear one. 

As my outrage and confusion slowly settles, answers seep in from the angels that sooth my heart.


Robin Williams was an Indigo soul. In fact, he was Indigo Royalty.

We worshipped him not just because he was a talented artist, but because he was wildly creative, clearly intuitive, and pushed the limits of our minds and hearts. He showed us that there are other ways of being and doing. He jolted us with his charm and wit into believing differently, into stretching the idea of possibility and connection. He was real.

Those of us who cherish these traits are especially saddened by this event…those of us who also resonate with the Indigo vibration. We have lost our leader.

Nanu nanu.

As a prominent Indigo, Robin was a beacon of light. The angels share that many of us are feeling on a deep level, “Now what? Who could ever replace him? Who will model this beacon of light going forward in a way that reaches the masses and makes it acceptable to be different, to be sensitive, to express our unique, quirky genius?”


The angels continue…

This is a transition point and an invitation to turn within. Your search for leaders “out there” must resume by looking “in here.” After you have sufficiently mourned this abrupt turn of events with the physical loss of a beloved, of course.

There is a leader waiting to guide you and satisfy your need for direction. But you must get quiet, you must allow the distractions to dissipate and you must be patient as you listen for your inner voice of Mother Goddess/Father God, the One. This is your true leader and the lesson that Robin leaves you with.

Your world is evolving to a new paradigm ruled by wisdom and an ability to separate the voice of the higher consciousness from all other distracting, lower vibrations. It is this voice that you must hear.

We’ve been speaking of this for a while now and Robin’s death is a mile marker on the path. You can follow your heart, but if you listen to – and give authority to – the darker energies, they will grow. It doesn’t matter how much light you bear. 

As hard as it may seem, you must understand that this will serve a greater purpose – bringing focus to the need for spiritual solutions to emotional issues.

Allow the dust to settle and when you are ready, let Robin’s decision to leave the earth plane be your battle cry. Let this loss spark a decision for change.

Decide with all your heart and soul to pay attention and be aware – not just of your own true feelings but those of others as well.

Decide that positive, compassionate change is the only option.

Robin Williams was an inspiration alive. Allow him to continue in this vein and inspire you now that he has transitioned from physical form.

Remember that he lives on in your heart, the doorway to the eternal where all Goodness dwells.

And so it is.


I pray these words bring you comfort, dear earth angel. I know my belief system is still in tact. Perhaps a little tattered today, but fully in tact.

The angels always have a way of helping us through our human moments – but only when we ask and listen.    


Until next time…

May you rest in peace, dear Robin Williams. Thank you for all the goodness you’ve done for our world.

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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