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In-the-moment Bootcamp

I’m sure most of you have heard about the importance of “being in the moment” or “going with the flow” or “feeling the oneness with the now”. Such wonderful advice and powerful teachings. Applying these principles to everyday life, however, can be a challenge.

How many of you feel compelled to check your email once an hour – or even every few minutes? Or your Blackberry? How many of you get lost in the land of Facebook and return hours later? Is it easy for you to just push to finish that last task rather than go outside and smell the fresh spring air or play with the kids?

BE-ing in the moment is about BE-ing in tune with the flow of the energy of the now. It’s knowing how to BE in each moment. Until today, I considered myself a pretty disciplined person when it comes to being in tune with the flow. I meditate twice daily, exercise, eat well and listen to my angels guidance with just about everything – from when to go to the gym, when to grocery shop, what to buy, where to go, how to parent, who to connect with, etc…

But this is a whole new realm today. Today the angels have enlisted me in bootcamp.

I was given the message last weekend that I would be taking “3 Days of Peace”. I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant and my angels were smart not to explain it earlier or my ego-self might have left the country. Now I understand that these “Days of Peace” are my In-the-moment Bootcamp which will cleanse all remains of my will-based ego. (For you Human Design/Angelic Blueprint junkies, I have all 4 motors defined. I was born to be a DO-ER and meanwhile, back in my body, my ego is screaming right now “peace, my petunias, I want to DO something more and THEN I will feel peace.”) 

My soul knows this is clearly a much needed event, because too often I DO from a place of confused emotion. I think things like “how will my business move forward if I don’t finish these emails?” or “but I have to do the laundry or Theron will stink at his soccer game” or “I must do this one last thing to get it right”. While all of these tasks may need to get done, the energy behind why I do them needs to shift. And trusting that the angels will guide me in love to respond to the emails at just the right time and get the clothes clean in time for the game and finish everything that is necessary (while letting go of what is not) is the end-goal.

Today, the angels are training me to completely let go of my will-based ego and stop pushing to make things happen. I am learning to DO only when the moment is steeped in love and nothing else. Today, if I try to DO one small thing that they consider inappropriate, they reel me back in and gently remind me to focus on the energy of this moment.

As I allow my God-based self to step forward in its entirety and run the show, peace is instilled with consistency and an abundant lifestyle. 

Most of us think we have to DO something to create anew. Most of us believe that if we are going to be successful in business, relationships, or health, that there is action that MUST be taken. How can we get there otherwise?

Abundance and success are a vibration that you carry. You achieve this vibration not by DO-ing but by setting the intention to attain the desired vibration and then allowing yourself to BE one with the Angels who will bring you into harmony with that vibration (unless you let your ego get in the way!).

Yes, there is action that will need to be taken at some point to bring about your desired result, BUT the emphasis here is on taking action that comes only from a place of love. Not guilt, not responsibility, but love. Allow the Angels to bring your vibration into alignment with your intention and THEN you can take action as guided by the divine forces of the Universe from that place of pure love.

I invite you to join me today with an emphasis on BE-ing and letting go of the DO-ing. And when you do need to DO, let the inspiration to make it happen come from a place of just love. Remember, abundance is a vibration not a result.

With an abundance of love for you, Rev. Nina

P.S. If you’re waiting for me to respond to you about something, while my ego is saying “I’ll be right there!”, my soul is gently overseeing events and says, “I’ll be honored to respond to you when the energy of Love lets me know that it’s time.”

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