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True Confessions

I admit it. I got quite angry this morning. I may work with the angels all the time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find myself fuming on occasion.

Many of you don’t know this, but I am a trained holistic healer and practice homeopathy and herbal medicine. (And for my comrades of the Human Design experimental types, I’ve also trained in reflexology, craniosacral therapy, bartending and more! All in the name of experimentation!). But homeopathy is my consistent passion.

Anyways, I LOVE holistic healing. Helping people connect with their inner healer and discover the right remedy to cure their ailments is such a fulfilling experience. And yet, it’s not what the angels have planned for me for the next couple of years. Every time I put energy into building this side of my business outside of AngelsTeach, it falls flat. Some would say fails, but that’s not a word in my vocabulary.

The Angels have made it abundantly clear that I MUST be 100% focused on AngelsTeach…and nothing else. Does this mean my passion for homeopathy and herbs goes away. Certainly not! I will continue to practice with clients who come in through the “angel” channels.

Letting this passion go for now put me in an angry place this morning. And while I have a full list of things to do today, the angels “ordered” me to go for a walk in our woods. Reluctant to pull away from my desk, I knew it was a good idea.

I set the intention of letting my anger go. I set the intention of restoring the peace in my heart. And on my walk, I was reassured that my homeopathy work will come back in about two years. I was also given some AMAZING visions for what’s ahead for AngelsTeach. (And I got much more done tromping through the woods than I would have typing away at my desk!)

Because I made the effort to let go of a passion that is currently diluting my energies, I made space for big things to come through.

In Human Design (Angelic Blueprint) terms, for those of you with open heads and ajnas, it can be a struggle to narrow down your passion, because you have many. And yet, when you do, great things happen.

Be honest with your emotions and your desires this beautiful weekend. And I do encourage you to pursue Human Design if you haven’t already. It is the best way I know of to really understand how your energy can be successful. To learn more and/or get your free chart, visit

Also, Peter and I will be hosting a radio show tomorrow morning at 10am eastern – Health and Healing with the Angels. Our topic will be Exploring the Relationship Between Human Design and Health. We hope you can join us!

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AngelsTeach Radio!

Enjoy your weekend…

Love, Rev. Nina

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