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The murky waters of emotion

The subject of emotions came up with both students and clients yesterday and when a theme appears so prominently, I know there is a message from the Angels. In Human Design (or the Angelic Blueprint), the emotions are defined as waves. There are 3 types of waves varying from a relatively small wave to quite a large wave that undulates based on factors such as time, environment and health. When you start to look at the emotions as waves of energy, it is easier to gain some level of objectivity.

Emotions, like everything else, are a vibration. There is nothing special or different about our emotions that sets them apart from let’s say, my right foot. Except that they vibrate at a different frequency. And because they vibrate at a different frequency, we experience emotions very differently than we all experience my right foot.

Yes, I am being deliberately ridiculous here, because the underlying fact remains the same. Both my right foot and your emotions and my emotions are simply vibrations of energy. Nothing more. Nothing less.

When you focus your thoughts on your emotions, they become more pronounced. When I focus my thoughts on my foot, I feel sensations I didn’t before. By setting the intention of separating yourself from the murky waters of your emotions and gaining perspective that only your soul can have, you can realize the truth of your emotions. They are simply waves of energy.

And according to Human Design, many of us don’t even have true emotions in our energetic expression. We just pick them up from people around us which can make us feel very emotional. And then once we leave their energy and we’re fine.

Understanding emotions is liberating. Clear away the murky waters of your emotions and understand that they are simply energy. Understand that your emotions don’t have to rule your life once you know their origin and how they work. Ask your angels to help you be free and be happy!

With love, Rev. Nina

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