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Limiting Beliefs? Let ’em Go!

Clarity about life’s choices is a challenge whenever there are limiting beliefs in play.

You want a new job that gets you on the path of your true calling, dream about what that might be and then that darned ego voice chimes in with, “But, I have the kids to support …, I have to earn at least…, What if I don’t get clients – or worse – don’t really enjoy doing the work every day…that would mean I don’t really know my life purpose after all – oy!”

You want better health and ego murmurs, “Um, do you know how old you are? Look at all the people suffering from chronic ailments who are half your age. Yea, let’s talk about that…”

Or, the relationship you’ve been in for years has gone flat and you desire more passion. You want to breathe life into old flames, or leave (yikes!) Ego yells, “You have security and can deal with it. What are you expecting anyways?”

Wow, it is painful to even read these scenarios. You feeling it too?


My passion, my work through AngelsTeach is to inspire and delight you with faith that your angels are here to bring you a life of love, joy and abundance. Seriously.

You – yes you, dear one – deserve the best the Universe has to offer you.

Here’s what I have to help you kick those limiting beliefs to the curb. Ready?


Beginning on the next new moon, May 28th, I will be facilitating a 28-day lunar healing journeywith a dear friend and fellow AngelsTeach Teacher, Deborah Hodiak Knox.

We’re calling this event: Limiting Beliefs? Let ’em Go! 

Our intention is to guide you through the process of getting clear about what you DO want with the growing, waxing moon.

We will then embark on the second half of the process to help you release what do NOT want in alignment with the waning moon.

Using the lunar energies as our inspiration, we will tap into an ancient energy that has inspired various cultures for eons.

How this event works:

  • We will meet for 15-30 minutes each day for 28 days by phone and/or webcast beginning May 28th
  • We will meet at noon eastern. All calls will be recorded if the time of day isn’t convenient for you – you can still follow along and join us
  • Each day we will gather for prayer, reading/lesson, EFT and group inspiration
  • We will do our best to help you get clear about your intentions – what it is that you want (and don’t want!)
  • Our angels will lead the way – which always means fun and inspiration in a safe and loving environment

How to participate:

  • This event is exclusive for our Silver Halo level earth angels of our Living with the Angels™ community.
  • If you are already a Silver Halo member, no need to do anything to register!
  • If you are currently a Bronze Halo member and would like to upgrade, simply purchase the Silver Halo level subscription and make a note when you check out that you are upgrading. We will take care of the rest.
  • If you are not part of our Silver Halo level, you can join for just $14.97. This fee is a monthly recurring fee** and gives you access to:
    • Daily email angel message from one of our amazing Angel Communication Master™ Readers and Angelic Life Coach® Teachers
    • Frequent events – like this one, our Summertime Tarot Adventures with the Angels, Mediumship Circles and Make Your Own Oracle Card month in August.
    • Access to our members-only group on Facebook where we join together in prayer, celebration and sharing of living a life with the angels
    • Access to our rich archives full of downloadable recordings from years of past events 
    • A weekly AngelGram with a message and personalize angel reading just for you!
  • **You can cancel your membership subscription at any time, so the most you would pay is $29.94 to join us for this 28-day event that also brings you so much more. Our prayer is that you join us and fall in love with all the angel magic you’ll experience and want to hang for a while. 🙂

Click to join Living with the Angels™and let go of those limiting beliefs!


Need one more reason to join us now?

On June 1st, the fee for the Silver Halo membership will be increased to $19.97/month. Jump in now and secure your grandfathered rate of just $14.97/month…for life!

Click to join Living with the Angels™ before the price goes up


Why is this event only open to our Living with the Angels peeps? Here’s my explanation

With love and clarity that limiting beliefs are history for you, dear earth angel,

Rev. Elvia

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  1. I’m a newbie in the Silver Halo membership … just fresh out of the Angels Basic Communication class. I’m thrilled to be participating in this program and I’m so appreciative that you and Deborah Hodiak-Knox are offering this together. I’m anticipating Angelic vibes that will be Absolutely Heavenly (squared)!

    I dabbled in my first Angel Card Reading with Deborah at The Holistic Health Care Center in Nashua NH more than a few years ago. I wasn’t ready to take the next step until I discovered your site and learned about Angel’s Teach University. The wonderful seed that was planted with Deborah sprouted quickly under you loving guidance,l Reverend Elvia (and staff)!! Ahhhhh, timing is everything!

    Angel Hugs to All, Jodie

    1. Yay, Jodie!!! So glad you’ll be joining us! I’m sure Deborah will be delighted to know you’re part of this adventure. Cheers dear earth angel!
      xo Rev. Elvia

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