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Need Angel Friends?

The new moon is tomorrow and the energy is ripe for refreshing our intentions of a bright and beautiful earthly existence. ūüôā

Tomorrow is also when we begin our¬†Limiting Beliefs? Let ’em Go!¬†28-day¬†lunar healing journey.¬†Want to join us? We’d love to welcome you!¬†Here are all the details published last week.


What I’d like to ask you today is this…

Do you feel alone with your belief in the angels?

Are there times you’re stranded without someone to share an experience with, because your viewpoint is so sensitive that other people won’t get it?¬†

Have you been longing to learn more…about the angels, spirituality and – perhaps – yourself?


Maybe you’re one of those “sensitives” who sees auras, angels, feels energy intensely and/or hears voices and could use some support processing these angelic ties.

Perhaps you’re simply looking for spiritual education with community to help you BE the best expression of YOU that you can be.

If so, I may be able to help you today…


The AngelsTeach¬†Living with the Angels‚ĄĘ¬†spiritual community is all about…inspiration, learning, sharing and support.

What we are:

  • a group of angel lovers who like to hang out online together through email, Facebook, phone events and sometimes – when the angels deem appropriate – in person ūüėČ
  • we share spiritual inspiration on a daily basis, pray together for loved ones and support for our own well being
  • we believe that¬†truth is the path to freedom and love is the foundation for right evolution. And when I say “truth”, I mean¬†your¬†truth. Not mine, not your neighbors or your boss’ –¬†yours. The only way we can truly change the world in a positive, lasting and powerful way is for each of us to live our highest expression of truth. ¬†
  • we join together to help each other with an intention to change ourselves and the world through love;¬†we do this because the alternative is…lonely and incomplete¬†

What we are not: 

  • we are not a religious group, although we have loyal followers who are religious
  • we are not pushy or forceful with any beliefs…except that you are here to be you and your angels are your best partners for helping you make that happen¬†


To give you a little taste…here’s a video reading I created for last Sunday’s AngelGram which is a weekly message I send to our Silver Halo members. ¬†

Click to view  now or on the image below:


Statistical fact…in a survey earlier this year, over 52% of our members said they find their Living with the Angels‚ĄĘ connection¬†extremely important, over 37% find it¬†very important¬†and only 10% find it moderately important. No one found it slightly or not important. ¬†


Need one more reason to join us now?

On June 1st, the fee for the Silver Halo membership will be increased¬†to $19.97/month. Jump in now and secure your grandfathered rate of just $14.97/month…for life!

Click to join Living with the Angels‚ĄĘ and become a Silver Halo friend


Whatever you choose…be you!

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I chose Card #3 and did it ever knock me over with a feather, so to speak!

    I’ve always prided myself on being organized (I was a secretary most of my adult life), but the past week or so, I’ve been struggling with how to prioritize my time so that I can spend each day (or every other, whatever the case might be) doing what I love the most: Learning all I can about my Angels, working on my book that I’ve put off re-writing, quilting. I felt a desperate need, if you will, to figure out how to balance those 3 main interests, with everyday life, my puppy, my various appts…….and of course, being able to continue with my morning bath ritual and not feeling cheated. I just felt I couldn’t quite get a grip on how to make all of these special things work well together. All I was sure about was that I wasn’t about to give up any of them!

    On Saturday morning, May 25th, the day before receiving Rev. Elvia’s Sunday message, I was determined to sit down and figure it all out! I printed out a copy of each week’s blank calendar through the end of June. Automatically blocked out the time on each day for my puppy-time, my yoga time (hopefully) and my bath time. Felt good that those “must do’s” were down on paper. Now for the rest…… I do all 3 of my interests every day, do I take on one one day, another the next day, and so on?

    My husband asked what I was doing and I told him…….also asking him for help and suggestions. He is a computer programmer, with a very “engineering, analytical” mind who is excellent with coming up with various ways of doing things. We chatted about it for a while and he recommended an excellent plan for me. It’ll be something I can work with without any angst or guilt and that is very important to my well-being! In conclusion, I felt I finally had a handle on my time, felt much relieved that I do not have to give up anything and there is still wiggle-room in the entire plan if needed.

    When I was listening to Rev. Elvia’s message on Sunday regarding card #3, I was blown away! When you don’t think your Angels are “paying attention”, think again!!

    Blessings to you all,


    1. Beautiful sharing Ronna! Love it! And so glad you have a strategy that feels like it will work for you. Always stay in tune with your angels’ guidance and you will KNOW what to do!
      Be blessed my dear,
      xo Rev. Elvia

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