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Think Outside the Apple

Steve Jobs popped in during my shower today.

Now it’s not what you may think, dear earth angels. He was very polite…and quite inspiring. 🙂

We’re well into our 28-day Release Limiting Beliefs? Let ’em Go! adventure, so I’ve been very focused on the process of manifestation…the mechanics, the theories and all that good juicy stuff.

Suffice to say, I’m wide open on this topic for my guides to transmit all their wisdom. Steve Jobs was certainly a pro when it came to leveraging his creative abilities and he didn’t hold back with what he had to share.


Because the angels and wise ones love to use our daily experiences, a little background…

I was drawn to finally register my MacBook for the AppleCare Protection Plan that I purchased in February. This extends the warranty on my laptop for another two years.

I’d been putting it off because frankly I was annoyed that it required me to do anything other than simply input my serial number at the time of purchase. My inner rebel thought, ha! I’ll show them, I just won’t follow their process. I’ll do this when I’m darn good and ready – while praying I don’t have issues with my laptop in the meantime. (Note: this is not the behavior of a mature 53-year old woman who is well connected to her angels. No, this is my inner 3 year old given the reins for a moment.)

When I tried to register the Protection Plan, the Apple website gave me an error and told me I couldn’t finish the process because I hadn’t registered back in March. Breathing deeply and calling upon my angels to help, I fired up a chat session with a nice gentleman and subsequently was tossed around a few very nice people until my problem was resolved.

Jumping into the shower to cleanse away my annoyance at the beaurocratic procedures, I was a little surprised – although not entirely – to have Mr. Jobs join me. I was quickly reminded of the brilliance Apple provides the world and my frustrations washed down the drain.

We had a lovely dialogue and he had 3 main points to share:

#1 – Think beyond the imaginable

His first point blew me away. It took some explanation until I understood… We put boundaries around what we imagine. In other words, our imaginations are limited by what we think is possible, not what actually is.

Some of his inventions (think iPhone, touch screens, etc…) were way beyond what most of us would have thought doable. Because of that, we push these kinds of ideas out of the realm of possibility. We don’t allow the pathway of creation.

Ask your angels to help expand what you view as possible.

#2 – There are two cycles of creation, so be patient

He then reminded me that the first cycle of creation happens when we attract the idea into our energy field bringing it from the spiritual plane into our mental/emotional consciousness. This process is initiated by need or desire. The next step is bringing it into physical form.

This takes time. Be patient. Once the idea is in your awareness, things will start to “show up” to help you make it happen. 

#3 – Just because it’s possible, doesn’t mean it’s right for you  

It was Steve Job’s role to create Apple and its wonderful products. It wasn’t mine, nor was it yours. His message on this point is that we need to align with what we’re here to do. We could imagine that it’d be cool if toasters could fly, but that doesn’t mean we’re the ones to make it happen.

Get wise within your heart about the ideas that come forward for you. Some will be meant for you, many will not.

This last point surprised me a bit, but upon reflection makes so much sense. Many of us get short circuited by too many ideas. We must be vigilant and bravely truthful when filtering out what is meant for us – and what is not.


Simple and profound words to inspire. Thank you Mr. Jobs! although he’s saying he’d prefers to be called Steve ;)…

Think beyond the imaginable today my sweet earth angel friend!

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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