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What truly soothes your heart?

When life takes a turn into the muck, what makes you feel better dear earth angels?

For me, it’s a few things, depending upon my energy. A walk on the beach, meditation, spending time with family and close friends or serving this precious, angel loving community.

As I write, my Dad has just been taken to the hospital. The nurse suspects he has pneumonia. He’s 93, on oxygen 24/7, and lost the love of his life last July. Today is their 26th wedding anniversary. 

He’s been getting progressively weaker over the last weeks and we’ve all felt his decline. At the same time, he’s nicknamed the Ever Ready Bunny because of his tendency to bounce back like it’s nobody’s business.

Obviously I’m distracted by this development and concerned for my sweet father. My angels are guiding me to sit tight at our beach house until noon. Our daughter arrived around 3am to visit her grandpa today, although she doesn’t know he’s taken ill. She’s catching up on much needed sleep.

The angels know better what’s in our future than we do, so I trust. In the “old days,” or BA – Before Angels – I would have been flipping out and fighting the energy: Go! No wait! No go! 

Now I patiently await my orders while my winged allies nurture and sooth my heart.

Part of me has wanted to lie on the couch and listen to the ocean. Another part has wondered what kind of ice cream we might have in the freezer. 

Thankfully the angels gently moved me in a healthier direction – quiet time on the beach. While I was there I heard, Write! Write! And so I do…praying that this message reaches your heart and provides reassurance of how much YOU are loved.

There is a dance we all experience. A dance between the lower and the higher levels of awareness.

The lower vibrations of the ego respond to guilt, fear, doubt, etc… When we follow this energy, we make choices engulfed in these lower emotions. Regret inevitably ensues.

The higher vibrations of truth and faith – our angels – don’t respond, but rather provide direction through love. When we make choices that are guided, we tap into the God flow of energy that is supportive, synchronized and aligned with the highest good.

As I said a brief moment ago, the angels know better. Always.


Next time you enter the muck, ask your angels to lead the way. Let them show you what will truly sooth your heart. Chances are, it’s not a pint of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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  1. I just read about your Dad and I hope (and pray) everything is alright.

    I would like to know when I am guided by Angels or if I call upon them that I will be guided in the right direction – how would I know? Are there signs along the way I should be aware of? What are some of the signs?


    1. Thank you for your prayers, dear Joy! Much appreciated!

      The answer to your questions are a little involved and honestly what all our training is about – so no short answer. What you can do, however, is to sign up for the free 7-day eCourse which is an introduction to angel communication. Here’s the link: //

      There are always signs. The biggest task is to learn how to trust them. This takes time, practice and faith.
      Blessings to you!
      With love,
      Rev. Elvia

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