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Loss and the Process of Creation with the Angels

Loss. Something we all experience.

Sometimes a little. Sometimes a lot. Loss is a natural part of life’s transitions.

Like many things, loss exists in cycles. We can be on the upswing and see more of it coming our way and then it starts to dissipate and we ease out of it…until the next upswing.

The angels teach us that loss always leads to goodness. Perhaps a twisted path at times, but goodness nonetheless. It’s a matter of learning how to look at the situation from the angels’ perspective. 

There is a Hindu Goddess Kali Ma who has taught me a lot about loss and how it relates to the process of creation.

Kali is known as a “Goddess of Destruction” and so creates loss. If you Google her, you’ll see all kinds of images. Most of them depict her as fierce with skulls around her waist, standing on the body of her victims and flailing her many arms. She is known for her ability to “destroy” her enemies.

This photo is of a statue of Kali in Kathmandu. Colorful, powerful but not so easy on the eyes!  


My angels guided me to start working with Kali about 12 years ago. You may be thinking, “Seriously? Harsh!”

They were right on the mark though – no surprise – because Kali teaches us that in order to create, we must first “destroy.”

Before we have the freedom and capacity for anything divinely new, we must let go of what no longer serves the higher good. We must, in effect, destroy and allow the loss. 

Within the cycle of creation, we must endure some level of destruction that will lead us to opportunity.

Envision a glass of water. If you have a glass filled with water that has become stale and perhaps a little muddy, you must first dump out the old, otherwise there is no space for the new, clean water.

The Goddess Kali is shown to us in this fierce way because the ego often fights hard against letting go of what is no longer healthy. Most of us inherently fight change.

It takes some serious butt-kicking to let go, allow the loss and create space for the new. Hence, Kali’s undeniable power to aid us in the process of creation. 


As many of you know, I’ve been in an upswing of loss this past year and all I can say is, “Thank God I have my angels!!”

Last week I had a friend say, “Girlfriend, you are doing so well! It’s Amazing!”

Yes, it’s been quite a year…

I delivered the eulogy at my stepmother’s memorial service yesterday.

Our son moves into his first apartment tomorrow taking our beloved cat Charlie with him (he’s actually our son’s cat.) We’ve lost the last of our barn animals this spring/summer and our daughter moves to Philadelphia next week.

I’m part-time caretaker for my 92-year old father. My 92-year old stepfather is falling on a weekly basis and my mother is doing the best of all of them, although she did leave me two messages today, both about the same thing (she’s a little forgetful!)

We’re thinking about downsizing and moving from the home where we raised our babies within next year or so. 

While much of my energy right now is focused on letting go and “destroying” what’s been created in the past, my angels and Kali have taught me that this is a natural part of life and ultimately necessary change and an aspect of healthy growth.

Additionally, I see the seeds well planted for what’s ahead and savoring all the moments that I have with family now. It’s all good. 🙂

I’ve written this prayer to share with you for when your cycle of loss is on an upswing…


Dear angels and Goddess Kali,

I pray for change that keeps me in alignment with my highest path of service.

I pray this change is peaceful and harmonious for all involved.

I trust this change is leading me exactly where I need to go.

Thank you and blessed be!


So my dear earth angels, wherever you are on your cycle of loss and transition, trust that as you follow your angels’ guidance, it always leads you exactly where you need to go. 

Enjoy your day with the angels! 

With love,

Rev. Elvia Nina

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