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Flowers, Bowls & Hummingbird Hawk Moths – August Video Message

Is it the echinacea flowers, the smudge bowl or the hummingbird hawk moth that holds a message for you this month my dear one?

Remember, this is your chance to tune into your angels and see what they have to share with you right now. 

Ask your angels to help you choose which object is right for you. Let go of logic or what you think you want. Allow the angels to guide the process. 😀

Watch, engage and enjoy this month’s Messages from the Angels video… 

Click HERE or on the image below


Remember that if other messages come through for you during the readings, it’s good. As long as what you receive feels loving, it’s angelic. When immersed in love, there is no wrong.

Enjoy this final month of the summer. In fact, seize it with all your heart!

With love,

Rev. Elvia Nina

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